• asdf

    I’m having a hard time understanding, its almost like they say no more extensions but in the next sentence they say they are going to transfer you to the next extension automatically. It’s confusing, hopefully congress votes to extend the federal extensions.

    • Jack

      If you are on any level of federal extensions you will stop getting payments the week of 12-29. If you are on the state 26 weeks you are ok. Unless the federal extensions are approved and passed for 2013 everything on the federal level will end not the state 26 weeks. Regardless of a federal balance or not you will stop getting benefits unless approved. I hope this helps and good luck, I’m in the same boat.

  • EC

    There will be no more extensions after Dec 29.

    If you run out of your 26 weeks, Tier 1, 2 or whatever, they automatically file for you, but it has to be done before Dec 23 which is the last date to file. If anything after, there is nothing until Congress and the President can agree on the bill that he will sign.

  • asdf

    so if I get onto tier 2 before the 23rd, I will be eligible for the full tier? or do they cut off payments on the 29th?

    • hakunamatata

      they cut the payments on the 29th, even if you transitioned before the 29th, it doesn’t matter.

  • hakunamatata

    I concur, EDD payments for any and all extensions will end on the 29th! Period! even if your on tier 1 extension and just started with 10 weeks balance you’re still gonna get fired from UI Benefits Inc. we all are. unless the fiscal cliff matter can get resolved by then, which includes measures to keep adding billions into the Fed EDD pot. From what I am hearing we won’t see any deal made to avoid the fiscal cliff until late january when the lazy senators and congressman come back from their European holidays! So again, no more money after the 29th. merry christmas everyone!

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