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    I expect to owe a bundle to the IRS as well. Last year, I owed over $900 to the IRS and $0 to the state of California. This year, I expect to owe more because of tax law changes. I could be wrong, but I believe that all of UI is taxable whereas for last year, a portion was untaxed (the first $2,500).

    I know that we can e-file for free, but I am sending my taxes to an accountant because I have some medical and school expenses. Since I am not up-to-date with tax laws and don’t entirely trust my interpretation of them, I am sending my tax information to a professional.

    Yes, it is odd. I have always received a refund while I was working full-time, but now I owe money to the federal government.

    I’m not sure if I have any advice other than to collect any receipts you have for medical and education-related expenses and to send them to a tax professional. I believe that expenses related to a job search can be deducted as well.

    The entire system is punitive.

  • Anonymous

    Just simply don’t pay any taxes. Just because some terrorist fat child molesting millionaire politician ordered you to pay ransom taxes doesn’t mean you have to do it. Learn how to not pay any extortion fees from now on. Simply don’t pay and figure out a way to not get harassed and threatened by the Internal revenue terrorist organization. Just by reading your comment made me very angry and vindictive. I’m very sorry for your troubles. Good Luck.

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