Food stamps while on UI?

August 24, 2013 · 11 comments

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I get a very small amount of UI every 2 weeks..I am considering applying for the EBT card, ie Food Stamps.$200 a month for food would be a blessing right now.

Can you receive both UI and Food Stamps together? Or does state law prohibit receiving both?

Gawd I just want a job!!!!

  • ConfusedinCA

    Whether you qualify for CalFresh or even SNAP depends on your income including UI. Since you don’t say how much or little UI you receive, your best bet is to contact the agency from which you wish to receive benefits to see if you qualify.
    However, there is nothing in UI regulations that prevents you from taking advantage of either program – the program itself would be where to look for qualifying information.

  • in_SoCal

    I was just reading about eligibility requirements for CalFresh. I’m not sure if you’re in CA, but if you are, check out the Pre-Screening Tool. It can give you an idea on whether you are generally eligible. The definite way to know is to fill out an application and talk to a rep at your local field office for Social Services.

    This tool allows you to enter the amount of income you earn and the source of the income. I remember seeing that Unemployment Insurance was one of the options you can choose. You can receive CalFresh while collecting UI. But your eligibilty and the amount of CalFresh benefits you may be awarded is based on how much UI you receive.

    • iris

      If you are really in need and your bills outweigh your income you should be eligable but make sure to file at your local office as it takes alot less time to receive your first payment

      • in_SoCal

        Oh yeah, it is alot quicker to file at your local office. When i applied 3 years back, i had to wait a total of 3.5 hours BUT i left the office with the EBT card. And due to the lack of funds and income i had, i was put on the “expedited service”. I got funds on my EBT card within 24 hours.

        I was only on this program for 3 months, until i got a job, but it totally helped. And with the little cash i had, i was able to buy gas and pay for my cell phone. Every month, i got the funds with no delay.

  • higgy

    How much information do they want? I only get 79 per week of UI. It’s horrible. Do they want your bank account numbers, etc? Any more info would be great. I don’t want this program to be as confusing as UI!

    • in_SoCal

      Hi! If you’re in CA, check out the eligibility requirements and the list of documents for CalFresh. For your interview, they want to review any bank statements, utility bills, paystubs (if you worked at all), etc.


      How To Apply for CalFresh:

      I found this program not confusing at all…Nothing like UI. Good Luck!

    • Tonya

      higgy, Wouldn’t it be much easier to simply call your local Social Services and ask what information is needed to apply for calfresh. Your u.i. benefit clearly indicates you would qualify unless you have access to money on hand and in your checking and savings accounts that could be utilized to pay for food. Yes you have to provide checking and savings account numbers. If you have money in your checking right now beyond 50.00 you will not get expedited for calfresh and will have to wait 2-4 weeks after the date you apply. Depends on how fast your county processes the paper work. You are allowed up to 2000 in savings and still able to collect but it will be counted as available cash. Do not deplete your accounts if they have money in them just as you apply. They’ll know. Oh, and don’t bother trying to hide accounts either. BY LAW they will run you through the system to see if you are associated with any checking or savings. I had no problem at all. Applied on line. Got a call from a social worker the next day. Set appointment for a day later. Brought i.d. social security card, Copies of bank statements, pay stubs from unemployment benefits, registration of car. Copy of rent and utilities and signed a paper and had the card in about 3 weeks. Hated using it but went bulk shopping late at night at walmart to avoid to much embarrassment. It really helped. I had starved myself for two months trying to pay bills.

  • Allan Fisch

    If you receive UI and are close to the max amount(450/week), you get $16/month EBT. That’s less than .50 per day. About half a box of mac and cheese or ramen w/o the cost of the water!

    • Duayne Howard

      Correct. They reduced me and my autistic son from $357 a month to a whopping $16 a month, just because they ‘decided it was time’ to input the UI claim info I provided them way earlier. THEN decided to gank ME for overpayment of benefits due to their ineptitude. They also encourage UI.

      • Duayne Howard

        They also encouraged me to drop my son (he’s 25) from my CalFresh claim, claim IHSS for him, and have him apply for CalFresh on his own; that way, we’d both receive the maximum of $197 per month. That’s what “Mr. Khudyan” told me over the phone.

  • Lole Loveable

    You can get both. I only get $72 a month with a kid. They’re saying Im getting unemployment, and my last day of work was 6/15/17. No benefits for 6/17 & 6/24 because I earned $99 from 6/15. Then they said 7/1 was ineligible due to a false statement (but when I called the guy couldn’t explain that), then 7/8 is my waiting period. I still haven’t received any money

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