Fuck edd. It ruined my life

December 27, 2017 · 8 comments

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I work in a construction union, im use to being able to take care of my bills ect. During layoffs for winter i had to use edd, now i screwed!!! It took over 6 weeks to get my unemployment now i am homeless, living on my sisters couch with my child, could not pay for my car so i lost it, which prevents me from going to work in the field i am use to, and i am on the verge of losing everything i own due to not getting my second payment on telecert in a timely fashion, i mean everything i owb is in storage and if i dont pay tomorrow im fucked!!!! I certified sunday it is now wednesday, and you would think the least that could happen after dealing with them is for me to receive my second payment in a timely fashion, but of course not…. they have completely ruined my life, and there is nothing i can do about it i hate the system!!!!

  • Cassie

    That is horrible!! I am so sorry this is happening to you! You are right, this system does suck! I really hope things start getting better for you !

  • Desean Groce

    Use UI ONLINE when you file…. If you file a 12:00am Sunday, you will have your money no later than 10pm that night or Monday at the latest

    • David Springs

      Not always the case Desean Groce. I filed my recert exactly at midnight on Sunday 12/24/17 using UI ONLINE. Here it is Wednesday 12/27/17 at 5:27 p.m. and still no payment!! Willing to give benefit of doubt that maybe they are backlogged due to the holidays, but payments should be automatic if recert is completed correctly and on time!!

  • Desean Groce

    I’m extremely sorry to hear it’s not working out…. I would suspect the holidays as well…. I’m going through some things right now… I had to have another phone interview yesterday and I am wondering how long does it usually take to get my benefits back rolling…

    • JSA

      Usually after the phone interview.

      • Desean Groce

        Is it 10 days or 10 business days

        • JSA

          It’s always business days. I would call them to get a status just in case. See my comment below.

  • JSA

    Sorry to hear about your situation. There was probably an error in your certification and that’s possibly what causing the delay. I would call them ASAP. I know they have recently been extremely busy but try calling this way:

    Dial 1-800-300-5616
    As soon as you hear the recording dial: 1
    Wait until you hear “BPO”
    Then dial 6-7-3-SSN-1
    If you hear “all of our representatives are
    busy…” DIAL: 3
    If you hear “due to the number of callers” hang up and try again.
    You may have to do this process several times.

    Hope this helps.

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