• robert

    i love it….i will say it too fuck edd

  • jimmy

    I too am frustrated, fuck these assholes, from now on i’m workin totally tax free even if it means bussing dishes or pickin crops, fuck the illegals!!

  • 1234g

    I totally agree! FUCK them all! As if there shit don’t stink. Get a temp job for one week and and quit because of health reasons and they fuck you and your paycheck for over a month and or they totally deny anymore money to you. FUCK EDD and anyone who works there. I hope they all get fired.
    FUCK EDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reseller

    We should all go apply to work @ EDD. Fill it out all nice and at the bottom put the reason you want to work there as “You current employees are clearly retarded”

    • Reseller


  • Anamorphicstudios

    Six weeks no check, now living in car, no response from anyone anywhere. Emails, phone calls, office visits. I was on UI for three weeks and then I was not paid because I couldn’t sign into my Cal Jobs to post resume. Tried to contact the number for sign in help. NOPE BUSY! Tried everything nothing. Now just no more checks and no answers. These people are ruining lives. I would have been better off just not getting it. Then expecting it to come and nothing. WOW the turmoil and hardship from the lack of competency is amazing, plus they hold us accountable for everything, but they aren’t held accountable for SHIT!

  • EDDhater

    EDD is a bunch of paper pushing ********* ****** ******* bureaucratic, unidentifiable, entitled, hopeless nincompoops.

  • Jumpdog1

    FUCK EDD !!!!   FUCK EDD !!!! FUCK EDD !!!!                     
                  WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKIN MORONS !!!!

  • drew

    Disabled vet out the marines applied for edd filled out application turned in dd214 nothing faxed it nothing mailed it nothing that was 2 months ago fuck edd

  • random

    So I freaking have been trying to get ahold of them cause they havent paid me in over a month and my benifits just started… i email and email and email and call every minute it seems like, and nothing… FUCK EDD!

  • Thousand Oaks

    Yup, these people are completely useless. I can only imagine what their health care and pension is costing us. Lazy ass fucking government employees.

  • mrslave

    FUCK EDD!! I swear we should lynch them all. or line em up and have a firing squad thats just how i feel.FUCK EDD AND WHOEVER WORKS THERE no type of professionalism.

  • Chris

    Here are all the numbers that they don’t want you to have lol! Fuckers.

    Call these numbers and you will get right through.

    Nor Cal (415) 351-7200

    So Cal (714) 687-4400

    If they try to tell you that you are not suppose to have this number tell those fuckers that a worker there gave you the number. Thats what i say and it works.

    Hope that helps!

  • EDD Can Suck a Dick

    Fuck EDD!!! Fucking cock sucking son of bitches. I haven’t received any benefits since my claim started in oct 2012. It is now Feb. 4,2013… Took them that freakin long to tell me that I am denied because I mail the forms a day too late? Fuck You! Die Mother Fuckers. EDD just love take the people money and run.

  • Pissed in CA

    edd is a scam that supports illegals and foreigners..fuck edd

  • Jon

    Totally agree…the EDD sucks balls. Haven’t been paid in almost a month. Fucking dickheads..

  • Mr Guy Mann

    Bastards keep hassling the business where I work because I’m self employed – threatening to send them to collections, but there isn’t anything that they or I owe them. Just making my work environment significantly more stressful for me to work in. They are a pack of worthless parasites on the system-

  • Jose

    Stop complying and get jobs losers, u seem to have time to talk about ur problems that no one cares about. Instead use that time to find a job, it’s America there is millions of jobs losers

    • F EDD

      Hey Jose … did you just wake up from a siesta? This thread’s been dead for 3 months, you must be an EDD employee.

  • pissed off

    Seriously. Mother FUCK EDD !

    • Chris

      Fuck Edd! Black hole in computer system is their latest excuse! They are all incompetent!

  • broke

    this is just a great example how screwed up EDD really is, they wanted to blame Deloitte for everything, not that Deloitte is any better, but it just keeps getting worse …

  • Tom

    Fuck EDD and fuck Target, walmart is better. 4 years ago I got fired from my 14 hour a week job at Target filed for unemployment was rewarded $204 a week (still more than i was making at target). EDD gave me the fucking run around sometime not paying me for 3 weeks so after the 3rd time. I said fuck it I stopped looking for work went back to school for 2 years got a degree while still milking that EDD shit and got finanical aid and food stamps and got a degree found a better job making $1,200 a week (No, not a walmart) 2 weeks before edd cut me off lol FUCK YOU EDD My success story lol

  • fuckEDD

    Fuck EDD is right… I missed my fucking phone interview because the dumb cunt said she would call between 1pm and 3pm she called at 3:30pm when I lost hope. Then the message she left was terrible I couldn’t even understand her I had to replay the message 30 times just for the call back number. So I spoke to the operator to ask if I could speak to someone else regarding my claim and the keep sending my back to the answering machine of the bitch I can’t understand! Wtf is that shit? No wonder we have homeless people because we have a bunch of immigrates that don’t speak proper English and don’t give a shit if your goig to lose everything you’ve worked for. Fuck fuck fuck EDD.

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