Goverment Shutdown nextweek ???

September 24, 2013 · 7 comments

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Dated since the Clinton dayz , EDD wasn’t affected by the shutdown, I think only the new claims are slightly delayed.

” Soo EDD pls. dont make this another issue or excuse !!! You got the Funds release it, Dizz the new garbage system ”

  • oct1itsover

    The republicans in Congress are threatening to shut down government due to The Affordable Care Act . The Affordable Care Act was held to be constitutional by the US Supreme Court. It will not be repealed.

    Our benefits will stop on October 1, 2013 if there is a government shut down.

    The sequester was caused in part because the tea party republicans didn’t want to fund entitlement programs such as unemployment. So if you are on extended benefits and you took the 17 per cent hit, thank them.

  • paperhell

    Just to be factual the house submitted a budget to fund the entire govt with exception of obamacare. The senate is rejecting it and submitting their own’s not the republicans shutting down the government., it’s both parties shutting down the government. .they both suck..senate could take the house budget and fight for funding separately but they won’t. .they want people to blame the republican majority house..the house could accept the senate changes but they won’t because they want to blame the shut down on the democrat contolled senate..

    They are both screwing us and playing a pr game…they get paid even if the government shuts down while no one else does… and don’t give a damn about any of us no matter their talking points. .just a power game to them..while we the people struggle just to get by..

    • amazed!

      Obamacare has been upheld by the United States Supreme Court. Why would the tea party push to shut it down?

      Do they actual think that Obama will reverse his signature bill? I personally like the fact that there are no pre-exhisting conditions and health insurance affords individuals the ability to get preventive care, which saves costs.

      The sequester was caused by the republicans too. They have done nothing but obstruct. They want food stamps, medicare and yes unemployment benefits cut.

      Do you realize that the republican leadership is worried about the out of control tea party faction in Congress? Every poll shows that republicans will suffer.

      I am always amazed at people who defend the very people who have cut our employment benefits.

      • paperhell

        I think all parties are at fault regardless of where I fall on the issue or how I vote. They, meaning both sides, don’t give a damn about the everyday l person who just want to wake up, go to work for a fair wage and live their life. If I had my way they would all be voted out and start fresh..maybe that would teach them to find a way to work together and work for us, their true employers. Some of these politicians are so sure of their seats, and that people have given up and don’t vote, they do what they want not what they should.
        Neither party believe in compromise or finding common ground any more. How about taking care of the American people before the rest of the world. .

  • Incentive

    Take to the streets

    Violence is the answer… Not in your own neighborhoods…. In THEIR neighborhoods!

  • Incentive

    Viva revolution!!!!

  • Incentive

    I always knew people would not wake up until all this govt bullshit and cronyism affected their own pocketbook with more than just taxes. When you’re hungry and they waste the remains of a filet, when you can’t afford gas at nearly $4/gallon while they waste tax money on limos and private jets, while you struggle to keep the lights on while they just think of new shit to buy that they don’t even need…. You get the point. Revolution!!! You can idle by and waste away or pick up and fight back. March in their streets, and when those in power take the right to protest away, fight… By whatever means necessary.

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