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So i found out through my own investigation that i was disqualified for at least 4 weeks (i certified twice for 4 different weeks 2 weeks at a time and thats how i found out) but i have yet to actually receive a notice of determination. now that seems a bit odd and maybe its just lost in the mail. but if the deadline is up, and i truly never receive it even though i called UI and had a representative repeatedly tell me its on the way, is there a way i can be granted the money i was rightfully free to appeal? essentially i dont think ill be able to appeal the ruling because of the fact that i havent got the letter, i havent got the appeal form, no one is answering my questions.

  • Sigh

    You can still appeal regardless on wether you received the notice of determination. Call the 800 line and find out which office handled the determination and get their PO box (the address should be on the notice of determination), find out exactly which weeks you were disqualified for, and appeal within 30 days. If the 30 days is up you can always explain on the appeals that you never received the notice of determination.

    Not sure if the judge will grant you those weeks just because you didn’t receive the notice though.

    • Bret Halbert

      Call the 800 line. LMAO. Good one!

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