• kim

    yes just webcert

  • Reality Check

    Not unusual for the paper claim form to be late, sometimes don’t receive mine until midweek before the mail back date. Extreme example was last week when I received it on Friday, possibly because of the holiday delays and/or the “fiscal cliff” crap in Washington, D.C. (And to eliminate unnecessary replys.. No, I can’t use Telecert or WebCert because I work limited part-time hours.)

    • kim

      Well around thankgivn i didnt get mines untill thur or fri very late but it came two days before sunday

  • sheena

    it happens often. usually it does come but later than usual. to ease your mind phone telecert today and it should tell you that you can’t certify today but can this coming next Sunday which means every thing should be ok with your claim. unless you are suppose to only use a paper claim just web or telecert.

  • Fart Finkelstein

    Extensions were extended, that’s the big holdup. Webcert.

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