Help! I was called today for my interview and now i dont know if ill still qualify

December 21, 2017 · 8 comments

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Hi, i filed for unemployment in november and was approved. Ive been paid for 3 weeks when i get a letter saying i have an interview to determine if I’m eligible. I did the call where she asked if i quit. I told her i didnt quit but she said that my boss said i sent a text saying i was quitting. The website still shows my claim award and im supposed to certify sunday. Will i still get the money on my card? How do i know if i am disqualified? Will they believe the employer or me?

  • Cassie

    Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait for a letter to notify you. You should have asked the interviewer what happens next…it sounds like your employer is fighting the unemployment claim! They are going to have to prove you actually quit…unfortunately, your benefits may be on hold until it is straightened out. Sorry!


    Thanks for responding. I called the next day and they said that the interviewer has 7 tp 10 days to reach a decision. Im supposed to certify for benefits sunday. Do they ever change the information on UI online to reflect if youve been disqualified?

    • Desean Groce

      Did you ever get paid

  • Cassie

    I’m not sure when it shows online. When I had my phone interview, I just kept doing to certification and received a letter about 6 days later. My citiation was different, I was fired unjustly and the employer didn’t fight it. They automatically schedule interview if you were terminated or quit. Sounds like you statedyou were laid off but when your employer was contacted by EDD, they claimedyou quit so thattriggered an interview and a hold on your benefits. I’m sure once a decision is made, it will show up online faster than getting your letter by snail mail! I would keep checking online everyday and make sure you do your certifications! Good luck! Hope it works in your favor! Oh, how were you able to get someone live? I have been calling the last 3 days, right at 8am and can’t get thru! Ugh! Lol

  • Sarah Campbell

    I just got paid…so nope

  • Sarah

    Just got paid

  • Sarah

    Whoops,posted on wrong thread!

  • Claudette Wells

    From what I understand even if the employer refutes why you were fired, they cannot stop your payment until you go to court through an appeal and they make the decision. Take note of any court dates, etc. Best of luck

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