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July 9, 2017 · 4 comments

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I was approved on 10th of june. I have not recieved a payment for the week of 6-17-17. I’ve been messaged that it was used as a waiting period so their is no benefits. I checked the status of that payment and it says Waiting period served, but wheres the money at? I got paid for 6/24. Why claim 2 weeks for benefits if you only get paid for 1, the system is broken because it is claiming i get paid $205 a week when i get $205 every 2 weeks. It is sunday and i filed for the next 2 weeks of claims and under payment activity it says the 2 weeks which are 7/1 and 7/8 i claimed are now paid for yet the week 6-11-17 is still waiting period servered. It is sunday and my bank account still has no money. When am i going to get paid for any of these weeks? I promised to payback borrowed money by money and im a little scared this money wont come in til like thursday. can anybody please help me out. I’ve sent an email with my regards and i cant call because i cant afford a phone anymore.

  • Lisa Nelson

    my payment history on the EDD website states that I have already been paid for 3 weeks and yet i have received no checks whatsoever. This is very frustrating and stressful.

    • S0lly

      Lisa, you do know that there are no more paper checks, right? EDD adds money to a VISA debit card. You have to get the debit card from Bank of America. It sounds like you are waiting for a check in the mail, and you would be waiting for something that never comes.

      • Lisa Nelson

        thank you for the clarification.

        • S0lly

          Did you get the VISA card? It sounds like you already have some $$ in your account, you just need access to it…

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