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I called EDD right at 8am and right away was told too many people holding and call disconnected!! I have called back at 100 times and it’s only 10am and still not getting a live person!! WTF?!? Is there another secret number to use?? Will I ever get someone live?? This is absolutely ridiculous! HELP!!!

  • Branden DeHaas

    Same here!! Was your payment delayed mines been pending since sunday!!!!

    • Cassie

      No, I’m trying to get answers to some questions but I need an actual LIVING PERSON! I can’t get the info online…I have looked everywhere for many hours before trying to call. This is crazy!
      Your payment may be delayed due to the holiday…since it’s automated, it really shoukdn’t but you know they will use that excuse. My payments were never on my BofA card right away. I would certify on sunday morning , it would show paid right away but the money actually got on card until tuesday or wed. I was used to it. Anyways, hope you get help soon! I just called about another 50 times…no luck! I really don’t think anyone ever answers the phones! ?

    • Tamik

      Branden mines have been pending since Sunday also…Called but wasn’t able to get through

      • Lovelylove

        Tamik should we just wait or do we have to talk to someone regarding to pending situation?

        • Tamki

          Lovelylove I called multiple times today still couldn’t get through, mines still says pending, idk what to do now it’s just a waiting game. I did send a email but that takes 5-7days for them to give a response.

  • Tamki

    Hi guys so i was just able to speak to a rep about my pending payment she said since i reported earnings for the first week that someone has to manually approve the payment but they haven’t been able to get around to my case so she approved it while on the phone with me and said i should receive a credit to my card within 24 hrs. I called 800-300-5616 then i pushed 167entered my social them was told i had a 6min wait hope this helps someone

    • Lovelylove

      Tamki,thank you so much. Finally went thru….

  • William Patterson

    If they have a system “glitch” why don’t they put that on the phone. No money now since Sunday.

  • JSA

    Dial 1-800-300-5616
    As soon as you hear the recording dial: 1
    Wait until you hear “BPO”
    Then dial 6-7-3-SSN-1
    If you hear “all of our representatives are
    busy…” DIAL: 3
    If you hear “due to the number of callers” hang up and try again.

    You may have to do this process several times.
    Hope this helps.

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