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July 25, 2017 · 3 comments

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I was let go due to not being a good fit. Employer even stated I did a good job and could use them as a reference. Basically, girl who has been there 7 years did not like me and she had me pushed out. Anyways, I file for UI on 6-22, had my phone interview on 7-13, got paid for 2 weeks (7-1 & 7-8) on 7-20. I go online to certify for the 2 weeks ending 7-23 and I have a notice stating I have a phone interview scheduled for 8-2 due to question about my eligibility! What?!?! I already had a phone interview and was obviously approved! It states a letter was sent out but I haven’t received anything! Does anyone know if I’m not going to get any more payments until after this new interview?? In not, is that even legal?? I was already approved! It took a whole month just toget paid and I have bills that need to be paid! My cert says pending and I’m freaking out here! Please, has this happened to anyone else?? Will I get paid or have to wait til after that interview?? Thank you!!

  • TRexLives

    Happens all the time. It’s standard operating procedures for edd. I’ve had my payments suddenly pending before but can never predict what they will do. It’s stressful and maddening, I know! This week I got surprised by the half-deposit thing again which means it was probably flagged for a certain date and I’ll have to re-interview or, like last year, go through the Workforce Connection tap dance. Just keep up your job searches and notes. One thing I do is email edd asking WHY it’s pending bec so far there is no notice of an interview. No reply yet but they are deluged with questions, I’m sure. I’m planning a yard sale because Lord knows what they will decide next. You’ll probably have to wait till after the interview. There is no hurrying the bureaucracies. Good luck.

  • S0lly

    I have had that happen to me, they scheduled a phone
    interview after I was already working another job. I worked a gig for about a month, and it was
    decided, mutually between the manager and myself, that it just wasn’t working
    out and she was nice enough to let me finish out the week. So, on the EDD form that asks why you are no
    longer working there, I said “my contract ended”, which was true, it had ended
    for me. She says the employer said I was
    terminated, and I said okay, I was terminated.
    EDD lady says, I am going to change your answer that you agree with the
    employer, you were terminated. Fair
    enough. The payment was released shortly
    after that. Fortunately, I was already working
    another gig…

    So, it seems like they do not penalize you as long as you were not fired for “willful misconduct or
    malicious misconduct”. Sometimes a job
    just does not work out. Just be honest
    of the circumstances and that you had performed the job to the best of your
    ability. More than likely it is an error or something they have to
    clarify. Try not to panic and good luck!

    • Shadi Sweidan

      Do you guys know what would happen if myclaim in 2 weeks late, will I still get paid

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