Help with Finding EDD Customer Account Number

November 14, 2015 · 7 comments

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I’m trying to determine my 10 digit EDD Customer Account Number from my “Continued Claim Form”. This is 10 digits so not the same as SSN.

There is a long string of numbers near the top of my continued claim form – the string starts off with my SSN (represented as 1-9 below). Then there are 24 characters after that(represented as A-X below).

Can someone kindly look at their continued claim form and tell me which letters below represent the Customer Account Number?


Many thanks!

  • Voice of reason

    Hi Sara, I had trouble locating that number, too. It turns out, you need to call EDD at 1-800-300-5616 to get your EDD Customer Account number. It is not anywhere on the paperwork. I hope that helps!

  • Rene Rishi

    Call UI online tech Support directly 855-327-7058. 8am – 5pm
    the hold times are relativley reasonable.

    • Caz

      Thanks so much Rene. I’ve been going nuts looking for the EDD number – calling the 800 number was a big plunge into vmail hell. They don’t tell you anywhere that you can get the number by calling this number. It was so very easy!

    • sunilkumar allam

      Thanks Rene
      Life is much easier by calling this number.

    • anon

      Thanks very much for this phone number. I called tech support and they gave me the illusive EDD Customer Account Number in less that 2 minutes! (The number is illusive because I haven’t received it yet. My EDD documents are arriving randomly and in no logical order!) Now I can set up my Benefits Program Online account and manage this process online. Hopefully this is for a short term. December is one of the best months to get a job because employers are getting ready for new plans for the New Year!

      • Anon

        Thank you thank you!!! This number was perfect. They answered my question with Customer Account # within seconds. The 800 number is a cluster..use this nuber Rene sent!

  • Non-profit

    You’ll want to call 888-745-3886. I called the other two numbers in prior comments and they led to this number. They gave me our EDD number over the phone in 1 minute when I had previously spent 45 minutes trying to talk to the right person.

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