Homeless -¿ demonstrating my job search abilities?

December 6, 2017 · 1 comment

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I checked off the homeless box on my unemployment form. I am now living with a friend, but they have contacted me for a phone interview that I sense is due to my homeless status with edd. If they would like me to demonstrate I can still look for unemployment while homeless how do I do that?
Should I just change my residential address to my companion even though I have no proof of residence(Bills / lease ect)?

  • There’s many ways to search for jobs these days. You can use the computer at your friend’s house, the library, Internet Cafe, or on foot/car. If they are asking for a phone interview, you must have a phone. If you have a phone, which I am also guessing is smart phone, you can search for jobs from there as well.

    They aren’t going to take you not having a house as you not being able to look for work in the day of technology.

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