it takes 24hrs to download from the system, and 24hrs to transfer to your debt card. A total of 48hrs

  • vp

    My own experience was about three and a half weeks. You’ll get mailed reading materials with information about the program rules and regulations, a notice about your benefit amount, and a continuing claim form. There is a one week waiting period. In my case, my first check came the same day as a separate notice that I was required to have a personal interview at a local service center (about 8 miles away). My interviewer was a really nice guy and I was told the personal interview was by random. Lucky me! Anyway, mine took about 3 1/2 weeks.

  • Anonymous

    The truth…… Nobody knows, and prepare yourself for the most unpredictable, rogue and horrible semi-insurance failed organization. READ above is right since he somehow works for the EDD, but in reality the proper answer would be “Unknown”. Your payment processing could take anywhere between 48hrs. to six months to never. You can survive the EDD’s nightmare if you avoid part time jobs and have at least six months of savings ahead. The EDD is NOT RELIABLE and employs the worst garbage in the human workforce. Good luck, you’ll need plenty of it during these difficult times.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the above comment. It’s unpredictable. In my own case, I certify on Sunday morning and receive the money in my BofA account on Tuesday morning, unless the prior Monday is a holiday.

    As to working part-time … I was advised by an EDD employee at my local One-Stop that if I reported part-time wages, I would be making someone’s job at the EDD more difficult. I guess you have to read between the lines.

    I don’t have the same level of anxiety as some do with regard to the EDD’s timeliness only because I have savings. The system is not reliable and it’s not meant to be pleasant or easy – obviously to discourage dependence.

  • Anonymous

    I agree as well – I hope the OP gets their money on time but the last few months have been a crapshoot and unfortunately many people don’t have a safety net. I have not been paid and I have had to pull money out of nowhere to scrape together my rent due to the EDD’s carelessness and non existent customer service.

  • Jen

    I have been calling in my claim forms every sunday and have my money on my own checking account by wednesday, since the phone option was out last July 2010. Never have any issues.

  • Anonymous

    When do you all that use Web-Cert usually receive your claim forms? I received my deposit on time, but I have not received a claim form. I’d like to know my remaining balance.

    • Guest

      Good question! Its also an unknown. When the system worked and EDD had a full staff, claimants would receive their next claim form (after a deposit) about 1-2 days before next certification.

      Now, you may get claim forms on time, or it may be late, or you may never receive it, or you may be told that claim forms have already been sent, but you still don’t receive them. I have experienced ALL of these cases (like many people here) in the past 3 months. LOL

  • Jason

    My mailed claim forms aren’t dependable. I use the web-cert because it’s quicker (don’t have to wait for snail mail to deliver my claim). Besides, most of the time my paper claim form comes days after I should file.

    Generally, I used to file online Sunday morning and receive money in the B of A account Tuesday morning. Lately, I file Sunday morning and have my money Wednesday morning. That’s only if B of A doesn’t screw up, which they sometimes do. When that happens, it’s another 24-hour delay…

    This week, web-cert is not working (I posted a new topic today). Had to file by telephone. I have no idea if I’ll receive my pay “on time” — Tuesday or Wednesday — or not.

    I absolutely despise EDD and it’s inherent nonexistence of customer service. I mean, if your website’s down, a page saying “Web service is down, please file by phone” should be in order. They are crooks, Bank of America is a bunch of life-sucking thieves, and as I result I’m leaving the country in two weeks — not to return.

    That is, if I get the compensation owed to me. I feel bad for people that have children going hungry as a result of EDD and their mismanagement. A disgusting, crooked organization.

  • Anonymous

    @Jason, I agree with you. I am counting the weeks I am through with this. I can’t even imagine what parents of young children go through.

    Good luck with leaving the country! I myself am trying to develop a specific skill set so that I can find a job in another country.

  • Art C.

    I certified on Tele-Cert like I always do. This time on Monday cuz I totally spaced on Sunday. It is 3am Saturday and I have not received a penny yet. Its a waiting game from Hell!!!

  • bill

    I’d find it usually takes 48 hours.

  • Claire

    EDD is sooooo useless!!! Everything takes forever in a day with them and you can easily slip through the hole if you don’t follow up on your claim, they’re not here to help people in need. I had to call them for a interview 3 months past finally approved. But over the waiting period never received a certification form so I have to wait for a paper cert form to come what the hell?….If its not one thing its another with EDD!!! I would give anything for a stable, secure full-time CAREER!!! So over the bull!!!

    • ispeakthetruth

      Perhaps, if you learned to use proper grammar, and spelled words right, you would have better luck finding a job.

      • CallingOutDouches

        That was two years ago. Shut the fuck up. Her spelling and grammar was fine. Just a shot in the dark but you lost your job by being a dick right?

        • ispeakthetruth

          Haha no honey, nice try! And you should have written, “Her spelling and grammar WERE fine.” Since you are referring both to her spelling AND grammar, you would use the word “were” vs “was”.

          And I didn’t “lose my job”. I quit after my contract ended and the only thing available was an entry level job. After being asked to take a pay cut of more than 50% resulting in a non-sustaining wage, I decided unemployment would pay more than what they wanted me to take (double digit wage down to single digit wage), and I would make more on unemployment in the meantime.

          Not that I owe you any explanation, but there you go.

          And look, I was civil the entire time, and didn’t feel the need to resort to name calling.

          Imagine that!

          • guest

            lol, you’re such a dueche.

          • JENNYS jems

            How long did it take you to write all this crap properly?? Lol. In that time i got my laundry done, vacuumed the house and made dinner. Lol.

        • jennysjems

          Cell phones mess up all the time with the small key boards.

      • jennyjems

        Omg!! I hate when people f n say this…IT’S NOT A FREAK N SPELLING B!! SHUT UP!! Who thefuck wants to waist ttheir time on a stupid forum making sure their spelling and grammar is correct. Seriously! Get a life!

        • mark


      • ojeezy316

        Your life must suck.

  • geo

    Just a quick question: I had to mail in a paper claim as had some issues with EDD for december ending. I mailed claim on 16 January to EDD. Any idea what the turn-around time is before it gets on my debit card? Sorry if this seems foolish – i usually been able to tele-cert and now one time have to mail in. Thank you for responses!

  • broody

    Only 2 days… I get my money on Tuesday morning-afternoon if I Web-Cert on Sunday. It’s incredibly fast, unless you screw up and click that you didn’t look for work or something.

    • Edd is retarded

      I normally mail on Saturday and I get my benefits Monday night at 9pm (Tuesday 12am on east coast) but I missed the post office and need my benefits ontime so I web cert on Sunday at 1pm but still nothing and it’s wed. I went online and signed into web cert and it says submitted 11th (tue) so for all the people saying it takes 48 hours does that mean 48 he’s from the 11thh so Thursday??? I’m just so mad because I’d I just mailed it on Monday I’d have it by now on Tuesday night 9pm

  • Amorrell

    I did my Web-cert this Yesterday(Monday), I will post when I receive my benefits.

    • WhEnDD

      I did the same. It was my first time using Web-cert. I have used both mail and Tele-cert. I will also post to confirm when mine get posted to add additional information to the thread.

  • Drew

    Anyone getting WEB-CERT payments late? I certified Sunday and last time got it MONDAY! Now it’s Tuesday and I haven’t gotten a thing….Is it delayed?

    • heather

      same thing is happening to me.
      I called Sunday AM, and nothing today Tuesday.

      • Tonika

        I am waiting as well and things are due in two days..stress level high!!

        • romeo80

          I’m glad I’m not the only one, I remember reading about some budget cuts at the Edd office, and this was gonna increase processing time

        • Ruby

          I applied Sunday afternoon, usually get it by Wed, but still nothing!!!!!!!!!

    • flower

      I’m in ur situation .. I submitted my claim sunday morning and usually I get my money on tues morning but this time I haven’t gotten nothing ! And tmrw is the first of the month !! Rent and bills due ..

  • Elisabet

    Ok, so it’s not just me. Everything was going well for the past four months. I certify via phone on Monday, money in BofA card Tuesday, money transferred to my account Wednesday. But not this week. Maybe the processing system just slowed down due to budgets cuts, I hope that’s all. Omg! Rent and car payment due soon.

  • Mr Angry

    I was made unemployed over a month ago on September 17th. I went straight to the EDD office in Marina del Rey, CA as it was 5 minutes away from where I used to work and went online to file my claim. I was told by the arsehole in there that I would start receiving cheques in 10 business days from when I applied. It is now FOUR WEEKS since I initally filled out the online forms and I’m still waiting to receive a cheque from them! I’ve treid to call them on their 800 number during 8am and noon and all I get is a recording saying they do not have enough staff to take incoming calls! Their website is a joke as it provides no information whatsoever if you have been waiting as long as I have! I am at the point where my cellphone has been disconnected and I am behind with my rent, because these arseholes can’t get their fucking act together!

  • kandynails

    I submit my certification form on 12:01 am on due date and they don’t deposit $ on the b of a debit card until about 10 pm its ridiculous.

    • shawn

      Instead of counting down the days and complaining get a job. It seems like some people just completely run through their entire unemployment whining and complaining instead of WORKING. I admit that the process is severely flawed and that the edd is frustrating as all get out, but it’s used to help bridge gaps from employment, not for a free vacation.
      I know some of you use it as it’s intended, and that it’s frustrating and definitely not user friendly, but complaining about a govt subsidized program that helps you in the end, is not necessary. I have been unemployed for a month and it’s very difficult recouping those 3-5 weeks worth of unemployment. I was on unemployment for a few months a couple years ago, and this was common practice.
      Mr Angry as far as that go’s you will NOT get checks in 10 days, you might get your claim form in 10 days, but if you read the edd website, which EVERYONE should you will see that to be the case.
      A little tip, if you are sending in claim forms send them Saturday morning , by the time they get where they are going you should have your check by Wednesday most weeks. This is a service that can save most of us, and you can complain all you want, but when those checks start rolling in and all you have to do is sit on the phone for afew hours or jump online to webcert you’ll be quite thankful….

      • john

        Fuck you mother fucker. Answer the question at hand rather than saying get a job. Go to an unemployment center and tell people to get a job… they will rob you and kill you. Fucking punk bitches like you don’t deserve jobs.

      • brianguy

        it’s not a “government subdized program”, it’s INSURANCE paid for by a premium that’s sent in by employers every time you get a paycheck. and you jump through 10 hoops just to get a fraction of your previous salary in return (about 1/3rd). I’m unlucky enough to have to use this program for the first time in my life, but my employers have been paying in on my behalf for over 20 years. and they won’t even send me a statement so that . BTW I’ve been looking for new work (hard) for 3 months…way before my last job ended.

      • ojeezy316

        Eat another doughnut and die you fat fuck.

  • Tiger Lily

    Its very rare that I post on threads, but I have to say that my first experience with EDD hasn’t been a bad one at all. I’ve never been on UE before, and after working with my previous company for 2 years, my friend suggested I apply just to make sure I could get by until I started working again. I submitted my initial claim online, and within 1 week I was sent the mail-in claim form by post. I filled it out, sent it in on a friday and I had my edd card and benefits (minus the 1-week ‘waiting period) by next thursday. Once I received my debit card, I enrolled in the online web cert– which I’ve just completed the first one, so we’ll see how long it takes to deposit. One thing I noticed was strange– the mail-in cert had a section where I entered a list of potential employment opps I’d applied to, but the web-cert did not. I don’t know if I did anything wrong– I checked “yes” to the question of whether or not I looked for work. Guess I’ll have to wait a few days and see. I’ll try to update in a couple of days.

  • jess91744

    i submitted my web cert on sunday morning 12/21/2014, i will repost when i recieve it, its monday 12/22/2014.

  • jess91744

    so far its been 24 hours since i submitted my web cert , hopefully its true that it comes in 48 hours. ill repost when i get it.

    • Joey

      I submitted online on 1/4/2015 and have yet to receive anything. Wish I just would have done the claim form by mail. A person I know who used the claim form did end up getting her deposit on time.

  • bri78

    I’d rather collect cans. EDD is the devil. You are being cautiously warned thanks to the modern day Internet and this website. If you can at all, find another way or you will pay for making the deal with EDD state of California Crooks.

  • Christopher Smith

    Umm, Waiting period? What the hell is this? Waiting for what? None of the
    ‘laws’ outline what this REALLY is…

    So, in general, its just a way for EDD to get out of paying for a week of benifts

  • N42ddd

    i certify first thing sunday morning and the money is in my bank 2 days later by tuesday morning.

    • Mike Mathers

      I certify aunday and get paid by 8pm Monday…

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