How to contact EDD?

June 5, 2017 · 4 comments

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After 27 years of working, I got laid off and I have filed for UI benefits for the first time. It has become a nightmare. I have gotten 2 letters from the EDD with no customer number, so I can’t use EDD Online, and contacting them by phone is nearly impossible. It has been over a month since I made my claim. Any ideas?

  • Mike Adams

    EDD has gotten worse unfortunately. the only way to contact them is through UI Online so I would register for that. If you call you will never get through. Another trend I’m noticing they are challenging claims even if you are legitimately laid off. You will get flagged for phone interviews and they won’t start paying on the claim until they receive the letter back from the employer. so that will delay it another 2 – 3 weeks after you’ve been approved

    • That’s great, except that the personal code that EDD sent me won’t work to register for UI Online…

      • Mike Adams

        wow that sucks. I registered 10 years ago and the code worked

  • Joyce

    the best thing you can do is call them. If you don’t get through keep calling good luck to you

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