• Rage Against BofA

    FYI – Here’s the direct number to bypass the “800” number and speak directly with the claim’s examiner (408) 436-5603.

    • Joy

      This number will not help you if you are trying to file a claim.  Although there is good news.  I called the 800-300-5616 number over 2,000 times!  Never getting through.  I only had to call the Vietnamese line 2 times to get through to a REAL PERSON who was bilingual and transferred me to a specialist and I was then able to file.  Hope this helps you all with this impossible system.  Good luck… you will need it ha

    • Mrjpcoyote

      408 does work after about 10 minutes

    • Jennifer_whittle

      Oh my sweet heaven this worked!!! Dial the408-436-5603 number and they’ll ask for your SSN to look you up and then transfer you to the claims office that is working on your claim. This was a miracle! Thank you so much for providing this number.

      • Ff

        Wow that was amazing, worked the first time.

        • Info

          No lock here. They transferred me to the general number that is receiving more calls than they can handle.

    • Thankyousomuch

      Sweet Jesus. This worked. 8/9/12 Only 2 minutes on hold. I wish I had found this a week ago.

  • Larr

    I’ve run into this phone interview problem as well… sent them a request to reschedule on-line and was told that the calendar was too busy. What? from now to eternity?!?! WTF is with that?

    Does anyone know if there’s a 415 direct number????

  • Casey

    The 408 area code number above works! They transferred me to my local office and then to an adjuster who was able to solve my problem. Invested about 15 minutes wait time.

  • Charles

    Beware, this number *(408) 436-5603)* is of no use for those needing to apply or reopen an existing claim. They will simply transfer your call to the 800 number.

  • Luke

    Used it today to get questions answered about a second awards letter I got. Had to be transfered but overall worked well about 4 min of hold time when maid number was telling me they were overloaded and could not take calls. Directed to website that was also overloaded and crashed.

  • Twl

    wow maybe we should all be on welfare, those people NEVER have a problem getting their money that i have put in there for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i work, pay into my unemployment fund and i get the run around when i try to get MY money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does the welfare office have live person and local office so you can talk to a live person, you bet they do.  WTF

  • Beanpineapple

    Wow! This phone # worked! They had to transfer me to my local office but at least I was actually able to get thru to a HUMAN! I spent about 10 mins from start to finish. Not bad. I didn’t get the answer I was looking for (figures)…but at least I have an answer. Now I have to sit and wait another 10 days for my deposit that was supposed to go in 2 days ago and if I still don’t get it then I have to call back again!! No big deal right? That’s only 4 weeks of no money!!… uuuuuggghhh! At least I have this phone # in my bag of tricks. THANKS

  • Luvtogoshop10

    I am trying to get ahold of someon this is in behalf of my Daughteronly half of I wanna know um she was awarded and um the person that owns the business change that person’s name that the money goes into the account from the business so my daughter is not getting paid her award that she was awarded for from edd please help .please advise what I can do about this thank you so much I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you

    • Echojcharlie

       Sounds like that is something your daughter has to do. I don’t believe they are legally able to tell you about your daughters information due to confidentiality/privacy.

  • Aligarcia05

    Thank you so much fior the 408 number.  I had spent the past 2 weeks trying to get through to the 800 number, with no luck.  I called the 408 number, the lady asked for my social, transferred me to my claim office.  I had to stay on hold for about 7 minutes.  Talked to a rep and they solved my problem.  Yay!!!!!

  • Miriam

    I try to get into edd phone #s I got like 10 numbers none  work i dial 408 # got me trow it but in, that office they didn’t have my claim.i aked them if i could  get a #  they say no .ummm. instate  i got transfered to a line. now is everything on line but when u can’t get what u want on line they should have a # to talk to real person. Internet is great but we still need real people to assiste us. Don’t u think? i think that thech is not gong to replase human. I hope not because with out a real person o couldn’t get my  Q  answered. thank u so mucho fro the  1-408 number.

  • A2slick21

    this number does not work they will probally use your social for fraud

  • Ms_lyssa48

    Thank you for posting the 408-436-5603 number… i had to wait about 5 minutes, but once the operator picked up she was so nice and transfered me to the correct department! This number was a life saver!!!!

  • Edgarbasulto131

    Got in the 1st time on the veitnamese line

  • Jo

    This number just worked for me. They did my interview while I was on the phone.

  • Dakotaberlin

    I just tried this trick after having failed to have any contact with anybody on the 800 line for 5 days. It worked the first try…YEAHHH

    • abeenn

      How? please share.

  • Ms. Cee

    dialed the typically main lines and sent 2 emails and got no response for over 6 days, just “keep calling”
    directive due to crowded lines. Called the 408 number listed they
    transferred me to the main line, got a rep who promptly told me hold…after 47 minutes, another rep picked up to put me on hold. This went on for another hour. I finally got someone that could not answer any extension questions for me but would send out the written information for me to read. Thx EDD, i can read from a book too, how about you hire me to give canned responses and attitude?

  • Swiper

    Got through to a very helpful vietnamese lady…I think I pressed 1 – 4 – 0 and she answered in under a minute. It was a little like a tech call to india and I had a hard time understanding her, but she was great

  • Guest

    Whoever posted the 408 number… YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD 🙂 God bless you!!

    • DaBA

      I second this. A miracle worker!!!

  • amit

    As of 08/21/2012 it worked for me Thanxs a million

  • EDD Holds Out

    408-436-5603 did ring, but is answered with a requirement to hit 0 to stay on hold. So you will have to actively sit there. Good news it did not take to long and cause daymares about waiting on hold for eternity to find out bad news. Was less then 10 perhaps less then 5 min until an answer like this. Then she asked my SSN and had to transfer me to my correct people. Someone answered asked me my SSN and got me my case worker.

  • Jayne

    hallelujah, this worked for me today too. The nice lady accidentally transferred me to the wrong office, but that actually worked in my favor, because then it became their error and they got me to the right person!

  • whomeEDD

    OMG – I cant believe this actually worked for me first ring and was transferred real waiting line. The only (slight) irritation was that I was asked if I still wanted to hold every few minutes and had to keep pushing “0”. About 15 minutes later a nice guy answered and told me my claim was fine and it is only a rumor that every other Tues is a pay day. They pay when the system tells them to.

    Thank you for the 408 line. It saved days!

  • Guest

    This worked! I had to keep pressing zero for a while, then a woman answered. I told her I have a question and need help with my open claim. She transferred me to a live person who resolved the issue and released my payment. After draining the batteries on both my landline phones trying the 1-800-300-5616 to no avail, I was using my cellphone! Thanks for this info 🙂

  • lala

    or…try using the Chinese language phone number listed on the EDD Contact Us page. The “script” is the same as the English version. Wait for the pauses and press: 1, 6, 7 then 3, enter your SSN, push 1 to get a person.

  • I called the 408. Number and the woman asked for my San and I asked to speak to a human if possible rather being transferred to an automated phone service and got yelled at asked if I wasn’t a human, told my claim didn’t belong there and hung up on. This is the 6th number I have tried. I emailed twice since its been a month and a half since I’ve filed. I keep calling but can’t get through anywhere.

  • Betty

    Just tried this no. it worked! Got transferred to another agent who answered my question and was super helpful. Thank you!

  • Tipharris

    Finally I got thur toke me about 30 mins of waiting it was worth it she everything is fine with my claim

  • Julie

    call from a different # and don’t use your real ssn! has worked for me several times =)

  • Yet Another Burner

    Oh sweet $Deity, this was helpful. That 408 number is for the San-something office (Jose/Diego…)

    For a Sacramento number, try


  • GuitarJam

    you have to call the local adjudication number in your city. it never fails and they pick up on the first ring. be careful because it’s a 50/50 chance they will pissed you didn’t call the 800 number. Just be nice and professional.

  • Jeff Matson

    This isn’t the answer you are looking for but I created a contact in my phone with this number: 1 (800) 480-3287,0000 it gets me directly to the “too many callers” message. I just kept hanging up and dialing for about 45 minutes until I finally got thru and could wait 45 more minutes. Just a warning tho the people on the phone aren’t very helpful.
    She was able to tell me that the reason I didn’t get paid is because she needs a “2593 form” although she wouldn’t tell me what that is, how to get one, couldn’t fax or email me one, or anything.

    But to get a person just press 0 4 times, and it helps to automate it with the comma.

    • Mike Mathers

      Thx for the number!

  • William Bryan Hickerson

    Just worked! 11/3/15 11:15am I had to try 3 times, the first two attempts using 1673 told me there were “too many people ahead of me, please call back later” On the 3rd attempt i was told the approx. wait time is 6 minutes, and was placed on hold for actually 11 minutes. Lady was very nice and calm.

  • Mike Adams

    you have to call the local adjudication center in your city. It’s not an 800 number. sometimes they’ll be mad for calling them but be nice and professional and they’ll help you

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