I am on my 2nd level appeal

October 16, 2017 · 1 comment

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I was recruited by a competetor. I was given a company vehicle to perform my job. I have had a company vehicle in the same job type for 10 years. My family has only one vehicle.

After working for new job they actively recruted me for (quit a job for them), I used the company vehicle in an emergency where my wife broke down. One time. Emergency. My new company, a small one owner company, never said I could never use it for personal use.

I was denied benefits because I was fired after only having the vehicle for 5 days and working there for 4 weeks! I was denied benefits because I broke a reasonable company rule.

If the rule is not communicated properly, I should still qualify. No other complaints about performance. No warnings. Company lied an said I had already received a warning (after one week?). I honestly didn’t think I would get fired if I explained the emergency (wife broken down, dark, late, by herself).

Filed appeal.. Sent to another Republican county. The owner once again stated I had been warned but admitted I had no other conduct problems. I denied the warning ever ocurred. The appeal judge asked if either of us had anything to add and the employer who fired me said he suspected drug use????!!!! What? Not true number one but can you just throw a statement out there like that? I was denied and could not beleive it.

I filed a 2nd level but waited almost 5 months for my first hearing.

Any thoughts??

  • annonymous

    I understand that you may be financially strapped but consulting a lawyer might help.
    I saw them when I was at an appeal office. It really sucks what happened to you , I am sorry. Please talk to attorneys and see if there is a way.

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