• Fredxclaus

    You might filed out your claim form wrong…

  • Janelle928

    I had same thing happen to me I been doing it with webcert on Sunday but this time I did it on Monday mOrning and haven’t received nothing.. Have u received your payment yet?

    • Debbie

      I am in the same boat as all of you here.  EDD sucks and so does the State of California.  They are late on everything.  I have a check coming out that is more than the balance in my checkbook this coming Tuesday, and I am worried that I will be overdrawn because of the stupid EDD.  I truly hate this dumb state!

      • mike hunt

        you guys r idiots. it’s all your own fault. don’t write checks for money u don’t have

    • mike hunt

      you fucking pussies. Whiners get a job u lazy babies

      • Tonya L Kimrey

        EDD Is not welfare, it is insurance that you have paid into. When you get hurt or have surgery and you are getting EDD, it is your money that the state has taken out of your paycheck for years that you have been working. It is your own money coming back to you.

        • Duayne Howard


  • House

    I still haven’t received my check, OR claim form, and i normally get both by Thursday, as well.

    I don’t think we all made a mistake when filing.

    I think it has to do with the extra work going on at the EDD offices. Since, at the moment, so many people are getting their benefits cut off next week, and only just now began receiving letters about it. I imagine that they are getting a lot of calls, along with making a lot of changes withing their system, due to the fact that they are dropping a lot of people from it.

    Additionally, they say to allow 10 days to receive your payment, and if you filed  last Sunday or Monday, then it hasn’t been 10 full days yet.

    I just hope that it doesn’t go beyond 10 days, because then, I have no idea what to think.

    • Janelle928

      The best thing to do is call today Wednesday are
      the best days to get through the line.. They had to update my info and recertify my last two weeks period ..So finally will be receiving my benefit tomorrow they said they filed wats called a invalid claim form.

    • mike hunt

      get a job lazy ass

      • Jen

        Fuck off I have a job and I am on disability for just having a baby. You don’t know anyone’s situation so you shouldn’t be commenting. Obviously you don’t have a job or you wouldn’t have time to be trolling around websites or forums.

  • Conrra

    i hope that is the problem, im on the same boat. mine is usually on the card on wed. sometimes even teu night , this is the first time late and usually when that happens its a mistake on the form, or your screwed with an overpayment b.s., so hoping its just late. i just gave up calling after the 5 hour mark, its wed and impossible to get through

  • Unfadablemc2002

    same thing happened to me, I think it’s due to the paperwork from Fed Ed extensions. I thought they hired new people on February. If so, the new influx of employees didn’t help this situation at all.

  • Unfadablemc2002

    i didn’t even check b of a today in fear of dissapointment. realistically I’ll check monday or tuesday morning because I understand that the edd staff may have a ton of workload this week due to the fed ed extensions. luckily i have a bit of money for gas that should last a month and I’m close on the work list as a construction worker. I know I should be working some time this month but I really think EDD should be more organized in paying benefits. I’m sure the staff doesn’t want to hear “well..due the work load we wouldn’t recieve any checks” they would have a fit. But when it comes to us it’s “oh well, just send the money when we can. BS to this highest extent. If anybody is protesting tommorow due to the injustice of this system let me know. The cutting off of benefits isn’t what’s making me angry,it’s the incompetence of the staff’s priorities and the fact that they are giving people a notice that is too soon. People who exhausted benefits should automatically get hired somewhere. That’s how it should be. If not, one could guarantee there will be riots and tragedies throughout California. In the street that I live alone, I have witnessed elderly women having their purse snatched and storage units getting broken into because people are desperate. And what’s the main news I see on yahoo yesterday? Obama approving gay marriage. Cmon now, this situation should be the highlight of any news to date.

  • John Green

    I am having the same problem today. I mailed out my UI form on Sunday and it’s Thursday today I haven’t recieved my payment and I have tried to call EDD since 8am this morning and how it’s 3pm and still can’t get through the lines to talk to anybody from customer service. What a joke how do you get HELP when you REALLY NEED IT !!!!

  • John Green

    I am having the same problem today. I mailed out my UI form on Sunday and it’s Thursday today I haven’t recieved my payment. I have tried to call EDD since 8am this morning and now it’s 3pm and still can’t get through the lines to talk to anybody from customer service. What a joke how do you get HELP when you REALLY NEED IT !!!! Please Help…

    • Harry vag

      it’s called get a job

      • Shakur

        Stfu bitch

  • Unfadablemc2002

    last week I filed and got an “incomplete” even though I know what I filed was indeed, correct. This week, the same thing, got the notice in the mail. Thankfully, my union found me a job around the corner which is a complete blessing and it pays far more than the edd. The sad thing about it is now I have to pay an overdraft fee from my bank next week plus a car note the following week. I sware, this is some bullshit to the highest extent. Edd is doing this on purpose to limit the amount of spending from the fed ed collapse. I know I’m not the only one dealing with this problem from the govt.

    • mike oxbig

      they sent it back for a reason dumbass. Your wrong

  • I Martin86

    OMG! I’m glad I’m not the only one having problems.  I usually mail my form on Monday a.m.  and I get my EDD deposited into my bank late Wednesday night.  I still haven’t received anything yet as of today (Friday) and I tried to call the 800 number all day.  I couldn’t even talk to a rep!!!  It kept telling me that their reps are busy handled other customers!!! I’m sooooooooo frustrated!  Now I have to wait till Monday to call them.  I started at 8 this morning and have tried all day to call them!!!  I just want to know if they received my claim form or if there was a problem with it!!!

  • carla.coale@yahoo.com

    Yep, me too. Filed on time and nothing from the EDD, as of yet. No luck getting through on the phone lines and tried Email 6 different times and still nothing. Little worried about this due to government failure. Hope we hear something soon. If not would anyone like to join me on contacting the News to report what is going on? If we have enough people who complain we might get somewhere. The people who are employed do not know whats going on until they become unemployed. The EDD has been getting away with way to much stuff. We are paying their wages (taxes) we also paid UI taxes to guarantee that we would get benefits should we get laid off, wrongful termination, company closure ect…….I think we the people need to step up to the plate and do something. Let me know who is in? If we have enough complaints and go to the news the State of CA does not want anymore bad publicity

    We are not Welfare Recepients and deserve to be paid our benefits. The Welfare people got their check?

    Come on you guys stop complaining and lets do it.

    C Coale

    • Cheetahgirl

      I’ll join you in notifying the news. I have’t been paid either no luck on the phone either all day 8 hours on the phone and no one picked up.

  • sylvia

    I get over a month no payment.Their send me only all forms .
    Phones all busy for no reason and their can give us a job .

    • mike hunt

      type something that makes sense

  • Tonya L Kimrey

    My husband had bilateral knee replacement surgery. That is both knees totally replaced. He got his first payment, but not his second. We tried to log in to the EED online site. It doesn’t give us the correct picture and personal phrase. Tried 8 times. 8 times we got a different picture and phrase. Anyone else unable to log in to their account?

    • Tonya L Kimrey

      We got the form to send in. They didn’t tell us that we had to go on every week to re-file. The government sucks. They didn’t even email us that there was a new message in the inbox. The initial paperwork didn’t say anything about it. The government really needs to work on their communication.

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