• Disneyman33

    Click the tab at tbe top labeled Insiders Guide. About three or four topics down is info on a new claim. My BYE is today so I’m waiting for the letter of a denied new claim but believe it is an auto generated letter and I’ll still get benefits since I just started tier two. It’s just the hassle and stress of waiting. I hope this helped.
    Good Luck!

  • Aaron

    It should say at the bottom that ” This decision does not affect your claim for extended benefits ” or close to that. It just means that your original clam is over and they tried to resubmit but it was denied. You are on a federal extension now just disregard and wait for your claim form or your REA appt….Hope this helped!

  • gina

    My questions is do you have to still satisfied the “some work” requirement in order to clear the lag test and make the claim valid? I
    f the claimant was not paid any benefits on the prior claim, and was disabled and entitled to receive either DI or WC to compensate for wage loss, the claimant may use the amount of DI or WC paid to satisfy the earnings requirement;

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