Landlord just served me 3 days or Quit notice.

September 20, 2013 · 3 comments

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My landlord just served me a notice of 3 days pay or quit. Which really doesn’t mean a whole lot, but they are legally required to do it. They still have to issue a 30 day notice after the 3 days.

And all of this unhappiness can be solved with EDD paying me for my 9/1 certification.. But that would have to be by 8am on Tuesday…

Guess I’ll start packing and looking for a homeless shelter.

  • Sleeping in car tonight edd

    Good luck if that happens… Then you’ll have the added benefit of trying to get answers/assistance from social services who doesn’t want to help you unless you have 5 kids, and if you make $600/month, well you can’t qualify for a one time assistance and they will answer the phone (unlike edd) but they will tell you your case is “special” and can’t discuss it with you or give you any information… I suppose after 2 days wasted at their office (with a scheduled appt I had screen shot of confirmation and they had no record of mind you) I don’t look homeless and the fact that I actually left to complete a phone interview means I am special, because I don’t EVER want to have to rely on assistance but thought getting out of it would be the goal… Go effing figure. How about cutting off section 8 residents after lets say um, a couple of years, not 20!

  • Just wondering

    ok, i’m pretty sure I’m headed towards getting that same notice. I’m not sure though because the o.p. say’s a three day notice of pay or “quit”

    You do mean pay in three days or vacate correct?

    You then go on to say you don’t have to literally “vacate” that 3rd day. You’d just get the offical 30 day notice after that and you have 30 days to leave? So basically you still have a month with a roof over your head. Right? Even if it says vacate or quit after the 3rd day of no payment?

    Another question… What if just before that 30 days you pay all past rent and late charges? Can you remain as a tenant or must you still leave by the 30th day? You’d be all caught up.

  • hot bearded dude

    You don’t want to do that. Its pretty nasty in there..I ended up having to go to a food pantry, they asked so I told them about my situation and said they had openings ..I put all my stuff in storage and currently live in my car. Yes its illegal but I’ve been stopped numerous times. They’ve seen the blanket and pillow but left me alone. Wall mart parking lots are fine to be in though. Let’s all give this new system a round of applause….

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