Making monthly payments on time-EDD says I’m not & threatening legal action

September 12, 2017

in Pissed!

I’ve been sending monthly payments for an alleged overpayment(plus 30% interest)since Feb.2016-amount owed was $2,927-now down to $628.Then I got a letter from them claiming “review of your account-you are not sending minimum payment each month”-now they want 3 times the amount I usually pay by 9/15/17 or they will take legal action against me & I’ll owe them even MORE money-WTF????? I don’t know if they’re trying to strongarm the remaining amount quicker or if somebody there is trying extort extra $$ for themself or if it’s an “honest mistake”.MAYBE if they upgraded their computers from Windows 98 to something a bit more current I wouldn’t be dealing with this BULLS—!!!!! I called the 800-676-5737 and my balance IS correct. I always send my payments via certified mail so I know when they’re received & I have all my monthly statements & USPS receipts so I really don’t know what to do now!!!! EDD NEVER answers their phones,you can’t e-mail them & they hide behind p.o. boxes.There is an address for letters to collections I could try & hope they ACTUALLY read it!!!! I’d appreciate any advice on how to deal with this. F-CK EDD!!!!!!!

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