Maybe EDD sucks but BofA blows

June 1, 2017 · 7 comments

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My unemployment payment from EDD was deposited to my EDD/BofA debit card account on May 28 and I have not been allowed to transfer it via online transfer to my bank account due to BofA “transfers temporarily unavailable” since then. I contacted BofA and they said yes it is down for transfers but I can “use my card at an ATM” and EDD at UI online responded to my complaint to them about BofA saying it is strictly an internal Bof A matter and that the suggest I use my card at an ATM. THEY CHOSE BOFA AS THEIR PARTNER IN CRIME BY SPECIFYING THEM AS THE SOLE VENDOR RATHER THAN JUST DEPOSITING THE FUNDS IN A CLIENT BANK ACCOUNT. BofA is now sitting on my money and refusing to transfer it via their “temporarily unavailable” transfer system and will not say when it will be fixed. I will go to BofA tomorrow to remove all my funds and then drive to my bank, deposit etc. but where do I bill BofA for my lost time and mileage? I am then going to contact my state senator and rep and request they look into BofA having a sole source contract they are not adhering to and to replace them as vendor ASAP! Anyone else want to join in or just go RIOT at BofA????? REALLY PISSED!!!!

  • AngelaS

    I am having the same problem. Been trying to transfer funds for a couple of weeks and every time I log in to make a transfer it states that this option is unavailable. It’s bull $!*%

  • Joanne Fitzpatrick

    So, it’s not just me…..

    My partner is on disability, and I’ve been handling this on her behalf. The whole “temporarily unavailable” thing has now been going on for at least a couple of weeks. I see the logic in hiring a bank to handle this, but surely there should be performance standards they are held to. Time to start demanding accountability from our elected representatives, IMO.

  • Frustrated

    I am so frustrated about this. They are making money off us and holding our money hostage — at zero interest by the way. This is truly outrageous.

  • kk

    Having the same problem! I have called Autumn Burke’s office to complain. All of us should contact our state representatives regarding this issue.

  • Peter K

    I’m confused as to how we can be required to bank with BofA. If EDD checks must be accepted by EFT and they are a government benefit check then the EFT Act clearly states we cannot be forced to use a specific institution and that we have the right to choose where the money is deposited. I’m also certain there must be some law in regards to EFT being an available option for transferring our money. For over two weeks now neither BofA or EDD will respond to inquires as to why EFT is unavailable and when they will be available again. This is more than the minor inconvenience BofA claims it to be.

  • dr

    While online funds transfers are still unavailable, it’s possible to call the phone number on their “Contact Us” webpage and initiate a funds transfer. You may have to talk to multiple people to get to this option, but it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

  • taxiswork

    Same here, everyday I get the BofA message that the transfer funds is unavailable! Only twice in the last TWO months was I able to do a transfer.

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