• Jen

    We pay you to look for work. If you stated you were out if town and benefits were paid, yes you wil be disq and pay the money back. You can re,open your claim now.

  • Chad

    Jen — you are a total fucking bitch. His sister has cancer & all you can think to is leave a snotty remark like this on this post? There is a special place in hell for people like you.

  • Anonymous

    Jen, maybe you need to become unemployed, so you will have a little more compassion.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Jen.

    We, as tax payers, pay YOU to do your job, and not spend your time leaving nasty remarks on the internet.

  • Keisha

    I think they will understand. You are allowed to take some time to yourself and family. Just be very open and honest. I’m sure you looked for work also in your spare time. I had the same thing happen to me. They’ll ask you why your claim form was late and you give your explanation. They’re usually understanding. They’re actually rushing you through the interview, only lasts five minutes. It doesn’t specify when, where, how you look for work. So the other comment was irrelevant and rude. They speak so fast you bare get your explanation out as they tell you to “be careful next time and we will process your payment” Click… Hope all is well with you family.

  • Chris

    Thank you, Keisha.

    If it’s not enough that I lost my job, am having a hard time finding new employment, and I still have to deal with this health crisis.

    I appreciate your kind words.

  • Jen

    The question was asked and I gave an answer so that it won’t be a surprise and when im on sick leave, we tax payers are not paying my salary.

  • Anonymous

    Jen, and just who is then?
    Are you telling us that CA workers don’t have any paid sick leave?

    Until you are unemployed yourself, you will not understand the stress some of us are going through.

  • Anonymous

    I guess Jen is sick enough to stay home from “work” but not sick enough to stay away from the computer. We, the tax payers, wish that Jen would get well quickly, so she may continue to do her job with the utmost courtesy and compassion.

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope that someone from the edd is reading here and is able to see what their employees are doing while are on sick leave.

    Hey jen – I hope its not cancer like this guy’s sister. is it? according to your logic you might get fired if you are that sick.

  • Jen

    No I would not get fired, a leave of absence gets used and wishing cancer on someone will get you to a special place good luck job hunting.

  • Another Jen

    If you are able and available and searching for full time work, you are eligible for benefits.
    If you are not, due to family illness, your illness etc. then that is an eligibility issue.
    Need and compassion are not part of the Unemployment Insurance Code. For those situation where you cannot draw benefits because of a family or health situation, there is State Disability and Paid Family Leave.

    If you are disqualified because you are not available, then the disqualification has a beginning and ending date. When the event is ended, you reopen your claim and you begin to collect benefits again because you are once again able and available and searching for full time employment.

    The money in your claim is not taken away from you, it is just paid to you at a late date.

    This may sound heartless but this is the law which can be found in the California Code of Regulations under Unemployment Insurance Code.

    Some people don’t tell us they are not searching for work. Sometimes EDD is informed in other ways that would surprise you. Anonymous tips by neighbors, family members, friends, former employers etc. They sumbit their information to EDD anonymously under the fraud heading. Each one requires investigation. If it is determined that fraud was committed and benefits were collected, the penalty can be an over payment and false statement penalties.

    Life happens and situations effect benefits. The best policy is to tell EDD. Customer Service Representatives are senstive to the difficulties of unemployment and illness and family members. We have family members and friends unemployed as well.

    Even though we may feel compassion and empathy, the department is mandated to implement the unemployment insurance law.

  • Common Sense

    Anonymous certainly has too much time on their hands. I think the staff at EDD works for the Governor of the State of CA. EDD staff are are also tax payers.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Another Jen. (BTW – is it a prerequisite to be named Jen to be able to work for the EDD? Just kidding…)

    So if a person is able and available and is searching for full time work, but was still late in sending in the claim forms, due to various reasons, are they still eligible for benefits?

  • Jen

    It will depend and the reason and cause.

  • Another Jen

    When the claim form is “late” it means it was received more than 15 days past the last week ending date on the claim form.

    When the scanner picks that up (and they miss alot) the form is sent to a “pending type” situation and an interview is scheduled for the claimant and the letter with the date and time of the interview will be on the letter you receive.

    The burden of proof will be on you, the claimant, to show good cause as to why you did not mail the claim form to edd for payment in a timely manner.

    You discuss your good cause with the interviewer. If the interviewer decided (according to manual procedure) that your cause constitutes good cause, you payment is authorized for the payment that was pending.

    If it is decided you did not show good cause, then you are disqualified for just the one or two week period. The money stays in the claim and you draw it out later. The money is not taken away from you.

    You receive a Notice of Determination letter advising that you are disqualified for those one or two weeks (not the entire claim). The notice also instructs you regarding filing an appeal.

    You should always file a procedure. This is your right to legal due process. It costs you nothing to do so and you have a 50/50 chance of winning.

    The interviewer would then reopen the claim and send out the next two weeks claim forms.

    Keep in mind when thinking about “good cause” that “intent” is very important.

  • Another Jen

    Per Jen’s posting:

    We pay you to look for work. If you stated you were out if town and benefits were paid, yes you wil be disq and pay the money back. You can re,open your claim now.

    Damn, that is hard ass and rude. The Department NEVER condones rudeness and contrary to popular belief, staff have been reprimanded and some fired.
    EDD pays you because you are eligible. If you are eligible, that means you are able and available and searching for full time work in your usual occupation.

    The premise is that you are assumed to be meeting the eligibility requirement, UNLESS, something tells the department that that is not happening.

    When you sign that claim form, you are certifying, under penalty of perjury, that you are indeed, able available and searching for full time employment during the two weeks listed on that claim form.

    If we find out information that that may not be true, your payments will be stopped and an interview scheduled so that we can speak to you about the issue and determine the facts.

  • Chris

    In this day and age, as most job searches are done online, it’s quite possible, to be searching for work, even while being out of town, and even out of state.

    The mere fact that someone is out of state doesn’t mean that they have stopped looking for work.

    I can assure you, had I been asked for an interview while being away, I would have flown right back home. Finding a full time employment is my goal, as with all due respect to what we get as unemployment benefits, it’s not nearly enough.

  • Darcy

    I have a similar situation. Mailed my claim form late, I was out of town helping my family. I missed my phone call/interview. I didn’t know it was edd until the message. Then I looked in my mailbox and saw the notification of the letter after the call. I know its my mistake. I emailed/talked to a rep, they said a decision has been made and I should receive it in the mail within 10 days. I know I can appeal, but it seems unlikely I would win. I know I didn’t get paid for the 2 weeks I mailed in the claim My concern is will my entire unemployment claim / benefits be terminated?

  • Tammy

    No, your problem is invalid in the least to them. You were not here looking for work and of story. They don’t care of your firstborn is dying.

  • Tammy

    I don’t work for EDD and I totally agree with Jen. you can’t just run off and go care for your sister and collect unemployment, it’s wrong! Maybe your sister should pay her to take care of her instead of have her collect from the state. Jeez Louise people get a clue!

  • Tammy

    Also don’t you have a computer where you went at your sisters house?? You could easily look for work taking a claim form with you and then mailed in. Duh

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