Missed REA Appointment

January 16, 2018

in Pissed!

1/16/18 I Missed 8am REA (Re employment Service Eligibility) I was late and the doors lock if your 5 min late. It’s best Not to miss this appointment it is a requirement and it does interrupt your check payment. I attempted to call but no answer so I drove down there and they advise me I could take the second class at 1:30. Even though I attended the same day I still receive a pending on my check until I called the EDD and confirmed i attend. You need to take your letter with you when you attend REA Appointment and arrived 10 minute early. You watch a video educating you on what’s available. They offer you a lot of help from writing up a resume to a Mock interview with Real employers. I discovered that i was not networking. They are there to help you. Enrolling for Cal job is more than updating your resume. It offer you a build in email where employer interested in hiring you leave you a message and list the local jobs in your area something i missed the first time around. It’s expensive to do job search and the career One Stop is a Great tool. If you miss your appointment, don’t be scared it’s best to reschedule right away. It’s Best to call the EDD at 8:am dial the 800 listen and dial 1 for english and when the recording stop 6-7-1 (2 min wait) they stop taking calls at 12pm. Anything your not sure about it’s best to call and write your question down so you don’t forget to ask something. When your check is pending it will tell you if you read it carefully your not in compliance and you call the EDD immediately and satisfy what need to get resolved. Once you resolve it, they will pay you within 48 hours. it can be frightful. I hope this help someone …

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