My EDD Balance is about to run out, HELP

June 17, 2015 · 12 comments

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I was just wondering if my benefits are going to be extended automatically because my claim balance only has $378.00 left (2 weeks). I’m still diligently looking for work and I really need the money to survive right now because I have no other sources of income. My question is, do I have to file for an extension, file for a new claim, or will they do it for me automatically when my balance runs out? My claim expires 12-12-15 and my balance is $378.00. I contacted EDD and they said extensions expired in 2013, but how the fuck am I supposed to pay my bills when I’m going to job interviews and not getting hired? My best guess is to file a new claim because I doubt they’re going to do shit for me. Thank you for your time, it’s much appreciated.

  • edd worker

    You are just out of luck. You cannot file a new claim until your current benefit year ends (12-15). And even then, you will not re-qualify unless you have worked and earned $1300 in one quarter during your current benefit year. Extensions were a temporary (6 years!) stopgap that is no longer in effect.

    • TonyBaloneyCalifornia

      Correct !

  • Mike Mathers

    Youre out of luck as the EDD employee said. No more federal extensions!

    My best advice is to start looking for side jobs and cash work!!

  • john

    No more Extensions !
    the claim deadline and claim balance do not go hand in hand
    Once you use all your available balance you must earn income again to reapply for unemployment.
    gone are the days of a whopping 99 weeks of unemployment-
    you got screwed out of 73 weeks !!!!

  • Cheezchoc

    On their website is a section on general relief, etc for unemployed. Idk if it will help you. Hope so.

  • Angela Ahrns

    so currently with unemployment you are making $4.45 an hour(based on a 40 hour work week)…minimum wage is twice that so really only 20 hours a week at mcdonalds should keep you where you are today 🙂 so chin up. you are at the bottom now so up is all you have left.

  • Sue

    I only got 18 weeks of unemployment, does that mean I can ask for an extension, I know it ended 2013, but my question is that since I didn’t get 26 weeks of unemployment, I only got 18 weeks, can I ask for more???? Help I only have this payment and the next will be my final one. Any information greatly appreciated.

    • RIF

      And that’s why you’re unemployed. No comprehension skills.

      • TonyBaloneyCalifornia

        Typical UI Idiot did not read all the equired letters and rues

  • TonyBaloneyCalifornia

    You should have read the booklet on the back of the UI award letter. UI is NOT WELFARE !!! it is based on your earnings and eligibilty. NOT FINANCIAL NEED. Very common no one reads all the letters front & back and THEN failed to use FREE AJCC services and CALJOBS You like most created your own dire financial situation.

  • Mae

    Stop living off the government cheese and my pay check and look for any job even if if you have to work at Mc donalds!

    • MIA

      I would like to meet you for chat when you are jobless…

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