Your past employers for the last 18month of your base period pay a tax for you to be eligible for benefits. When you file for UI, EDD becomes your employer. In order to get paid you must be actively looking for work, if your not they will not pay you. Since you are not doing your job. Just mark your looking for work and there should not be any issues.

  • INFO

    1st comment is right. Employers pay for the UI benefit and not the employees. The idea of UI is to pay people who dont have work and are looking for it. Not for people on vacation. Yes you were unemployed but you werent available to take work, so you were denied payment for that period.

  • Anonymous

    Check out CUIC sections 1253c and 1253e, in order to be eligible for benefits, you must be available for work and actively seeking work. I’m sick and tired of people saying “I paid into EDD”, NO YOU DIDN’T! Do a little research before you go off on shit you don’t know anything about.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa! to Anonymous. That is plain out rude. If your on this site to vent as a EDD ee, you need to stop because you make the rest of EDD look bad. There is never an excuse to be rude although it happens. You should be trying to “educate” these frustrated posters so they understand what is happening. If they knew, they would not be posting here.

  • Robert PPhillis

    I am frustrated just like everyone else. I applied in first week of October, got approved in early November and got my first claim form submitted and it took until the first part of December. I was sleeping in my car for two weeks. I got two weeks worth of claim money and have since gotten another week. I now have for weeks work of claims, the entire month of December and have not yet received any money. Dose my unemployment stop? Why haven’t I got a letter? Why do I continue to receive claim forms but no benefits? On January 3rd my phone gets shut off, how do I get calls for interviews? On the fourth the bank said they are starting the repossession process for my car, how do I gain employment without transportation or maintain for that matter? And finally the month of December my family all pitched to get me out of sleeping in my car in parking lots, (family lives in another state). Now January is here and still shows submitted under the last four weeks, and I still have this week to certify for. I get a one hundred and fifty dollar late fee on Monday the sixth along with a three day notice to vacate. My cat insurance was canceled on December 22nd. This is not right. I know they don’t want people to be complacent with unemployment but I am trying my hardest and using all the help I can get. I took up some temporary work like i was suppose to and that was in the first four weeks of claims. Two weeks I got full payment and third and fourth weeks a partial. Now the work is over and I am not getting anything. I’m at my Witts end. I have a 17 year old son that didn’t get cold support in November or December. I feel like why do I keep trying? I have been sick since I slept in my car of course I house it well when I look for work. This is a final plea for answers, I have called and called and called. I sent an email last Friday, another on Monday , today is late Wednesday night early Thursday morning and no response. I am incurring so many late fees and so much unpaid debt I am not gonna get out of this hole. Why, why, why? I thought unemployment insurance was to help during times of unemployment so things like this didn’t happen to families. I have never got unemployment before. Although, my sister did for three years and they paid her every week. She never worked she never even tried. I try every day, up at 6 am and in bed at midnight. Everything is about finding income, I’m physically sock and can’t go to a doctor, I am going to start losing everything that i have left, that’s not much since I have gotten rid of everything I own. I have a ten year old laptop, a bow up air mattress, two blankets, 2 towels, and my clothes. Everything fits in my car. I will soon be on the streets and everything in a shopping cart. If that happens, I don’t think I can take it mentally, emotionally, or physically (diabetic and have not had mess or insulin since December 12th) this is not living. This isn’t even surviving. I am going to sleep and praying fora miracle before Monday. If not, just gonna break down, I can feel it coming on. Some one please tell me what I can do ???


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