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Not sure how it is for everyone else but I certify my benefits online. Well I only got paid for 1 week ( 12/16/2017) & my week of (12/23/2027) is still pending since Sunday! Went to the edd office in person and they were no help what so ever. I’ve been calling and calling and had no luck talking to someone . How is it I got paid 1 week & not the other !!!? I have no idea what to do , this is honestly stressing me out and worrying me rents due Monday & they’re not even open on Monday! Any other way I can get ahold of someone ?! Already emailed them but no responses yet

  • John

    I’m in the same boat. Based on past year posts, it seems there’s gonna be a delay of a few days due to the holidays.

  • a

    I am sorry this is happening to you. Please borrow the money until this issue gets resolved. I emailed them, it got answered in about two weeks.

  • Cassie

    Even if you could get thru to a live person, they are not open today…won’t be back in office until Tuesday. There is no one to respond to emails either. When I emailed them a few months ago, they responded the next day. Lucked out! I have tried calling them starting at 8am…on the dot..starting from last tues to friday…over 300 times (I swear on this) everytime was told too busy with other calls and disconnected. You are not going to get any help until after Tuesday…Sorry!


    Usually when you’ve been paid one week and not the other its because you answered a question incorrectly under that same week that you haven’t been paid for (for example if you accidently marked that you WERE to sick to work or that you were not looking for work, it would make you ineligible for that week). I would try to call them continuously so that you can make sure.

    Dial 1-800-300-5616
    As soon as you hear the recording dial: 1
    Wait until you hear “BPO”
    Then dial 6-7-3-SSN-1
    If you hear “all of our representatives are
    busy…” DIAL: 3
    If you hear “due to the number of callers” hang up and try again.
    You may have to do this process several times.
    Also just so you know there are NO physical unemployment offices in CA. Everything is done online or by phone. The EDD offices are usually “workforce service” offices or Job and Career Centers where you look for work to get OFF of unemployment. Yes they may have GENERAL info there but they don’t have any UI reps, just people that can direct you to the phones or online.
    Hope this helps.

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