No Phone Call!

August 2, 2017

in Pissed!

After applying on 6-22, had a phone interview 7-13. Was approved and received one payment 7-20. Went to certify for wees ending 7-23 was notified needed 2nd interview! Questions are:
1)Name and address of last employer…tf?!? You have that since 6-22 and lady verified in 1st interview on 7-13!
2)Verify SS# given…again WTF?!?! Same number for 50 years and you had on 6-22 and verified on 1st interview!
3) Proof of wages earned….what?!?! You should have that info but I will send..if thats what is needed! But they NEVER CALLED ME TODAY!!!
Since 6-22, I have received only 1 payment…I have bills to pay!! I gave all this info on 6-22 and was verified by my interviewer on 7-13….I’m so frustrated…actually in tears because you can’t get anyone live and they just put your benefits on hold and nothing I can do!! I get that they may have questions but they have had my claim and info since 6-22….why is this coming up now? And then make me wait another 2 weeks for a 2nd interview and they don’t bother to call!!

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