Notice of claim filed has a po box is MO??

October 11, 2013 · 5 comments

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I received my letter of unemployment insurance claim filed and it lists my employer with the po box 66744 St. Louis mo and my employer was in Minnesota? I’ve tried googling the address and I can not figure it out. This letter by the way is after being on ui for a year. Has anyone gotten anything like this before? Thank you. Also wrote to the governor for the 6th time today on not being paid since august.

  • Exhausted UI claimant

    Hey there, I got the same letter yesterday about my employer too. i was pissed since i verbally gave the EDD rep their correct address last week. In any case, i called the 855 number today and the nicest rep ever CORRECTED this error in their system. You must call the 855-222-9028 as early as possible come Tuesday and make sure EDD notes you made the effort to correct the info. It states you have 10 days from date of letter received to correct all incorrect info.

    Seems as though the Deloitte funded system (CUBS) is defaulting to this St Louis address on these letters and I bet you anything it is due to the fact that the system was launched without correcting its bugs!

    Hope that helps you.

    • Kris

      I received my web cert tonight right after the letter came. I’m almost afraid to call and tell them. I looked up the address and it’s definitely something to do with unemployment. Weird. Thoughts? Should I try to correct it?

      • Kris

        This is also my tier 3 extension. Yours?

  • Blake Shmahoe

    Just got this address on my letter. not doing anything about it though, its clearly a problem on their side. I clearly typed the right info on my side. I am in California and my last employer was California Land Management. They’ll figure it out.

  • Information4u

    FYI- That PO Box belongs to a 3rd party unemployment service for employers. These 3rd parties are legal entities that handle the unemployment side of HR. The two companies with PO Boxes in Saint Louis is ADP Employment Services and Equifax Employment Services.
    The EDD rep can not change that address, as these entities are paid for there services.
    Do not do something as stupid as to ignore a notice from unemployment because of the employers address not being right. READ THE NOTICE, it will probably explain WHY your not being paid.

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