• Aflybutterfly

    *I meant their

  • Aaron

    It should say at the bottom that ” This decision does not affect your claim for extended benefits ” or close to that. It just means that your original clam is over and they tried to resubmit but it was denied. You are on a federal extension now just disregard and wait for your claim form or your REA appt….Hope this helped!

  • Dianeyman33

    See insiders guide tab at top of this site. Fourth item down gives more info about this situation. I am waiting for my notice any day now and will see how it turns out. Good luck.

  • Gfernandez11

    I recieved the same letter. Then a new claim denial and award for $60 a week, instead of my extension at $450 a week! I need to caqll them, they have not responded yet to to ask edd email

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