• abc

    That’s it buddy. The maximum now is 73 weeks so you did good. (I got 79 weeks).
    The 20-week Fed-ED extension ended in May 2012.

  • anonymous

    If only! Back in May the 20-week FED-ED extension ended, which reduced everyone’s maximum benefits from 99 to 79 weeks. Depending on when you start Tier 4, you could claim up to 10 weeks (instead of 6 weeks).

    It would be nice if they could, but I don’t think think any government agency (federal or state) takes individual situations into account to make exceptions.

    If you need immediate help, I suggest researching resources and agencies offered by the State of California and in your local community. In other words … charity!

    We still don’t know how Congress will decide on the fiscal cliff yet. There is hope that UI will be extended. But for the long-term unemployed who have collected 99 weeks, I doubt additional tiers will be added to assist them. (Again, it would be nice, but doubtful at this point!)

  • lilly

    At this point no case to plead. Some people got more, some people got less. If I collect until 12/29/12 my total weeks paid will be 73 week.

  • Anon

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Good luck job hunting!

  • got a job

    Mcjob is now on the horizon if that is all there is then take it! Better that than nothing! I was a dishwasher once and i am a white boy!! Jobs a job dude.

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