one week paid but the other pending?

January 14, 2018 · 10 comments

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So I certified my weeks online, entered where i applied etc etc. the first week says paid but the second one says pending? They both have the same confirmation number and I checked my certification for the 2nd week and I did not accidentally press “too sick to work” or “did not look for work” anyone else having the same issue? (first time this has happened)

  • DDog

    I did both of mine this morning at 7 AM, both of them still state pending. I’ve done them the same way for the last four months. The alway say paid right away maybe has something to do with MLK. Not sure why I got paid New Year’s Eve just fine.

    • cobra94

      yeah maybe theres just a delay. but its odd when the first week is “paid” but the second week is “pending” could they possibly be reviewing the second certifying week?

      • Dumbdora

        Did you have a Re Employment Assessment appointment during the second week? are you current with all your appointment and your second week is still pending? I have the same issue thinking it was the REA?

        • cobra94

          I dont believe I do. I have not been notified about any appointments or interviews.

          • dumbdora

            Okay Thanks. Yes my say pending on the second week also. Everything is close tomorrow for Martin Luther King.

          • cobra94

            well at least i’m not alone haha. ill keep you updated if mine happens to change.

  • Cassie

    Mine went thru on Sunday…staed Paid right away and money was in my account last night. Weird that you guys having problems…hope everything works out ok!

  • Carlos

    I certifed on wed afternoon. Todays saturday still says pending any idea why???

    • Dominique

      Did you ever get paid? If so what day? Or does it still say pending?

      • cobra94

        so update to my original post, that week stated above is still pending. I emailed them about it and now they will call me. in 5 days…. just certified today for the two weeks and now I have 3 pending. I believe my issue is that I stated from before that I will be attending college around this time because they did hold my benefits before because they thought I was going to school already. (even though I pressed “not attending any school or training”)

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