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Hey stop talking about all this get the office open in areas near you. Set at a desk with a person and get things done. It is possible but no one petitions this for months. Hey they say the unemployment offices in California closed in 1997 because someone got mad and did something stupid and as a reaction all the offices in the entire state closed.
This is the age of meetings and movements. Get together petition and march; open the offices up again for unemployment. March for months write your congressman, assembly persons and senate. The remote phone, computer stuff sucks. You banks have things happen and open back up the same day or the next weak. Everyone get their check and forgets the next time. GET the UNEMPLOYMENT offices open again. Bank have bullet proof glass and operate. They are private can private operate behind a glass and get work done. Get the EDD Unemployment office open again. In other state the office is open every day. California needs to get on the ball. Do it now and after you get your check.

  • Anonymous

    Amen to this!

    Ok so what ‘happened’ to get them closed?

  • ConfusedinCA

    Not going to happen. EDD is closing offices, not opening them. Opening an office entails lots of money for rental, reconfiguration (data lines, telephone lines, etc.) plus equipment and infrastructure. EDD is going to lose around $150 million more dollars this next fiscal year, so who is going to pay for it?

    That era is long gone and it will not return.

  • blah

    bill maher is bragging about how california is the example for the rest of the country and how great jerry brown is, he obviously isn’t from here and apparently doesnt listen to what actual california residents have to say, because this state is going to sink into the ocean or implode soon.

    • Maher.Douchebag

      Maher is a total douche. He has zero insight into life.

  • hopeinlala

    Can you imagine? if people protest they will say you should have been looking for work.

    • theromanace

      Lol. Omg I could only imagine. Everyone who attended the protest getting a cancellation letter in the mail.

      • hopeinlala

        When people were united in Occupy–the general public made them looks like they were losers and have nothing to do while still using their iphones (corporate) which was the big irony. I think you get what I mean. The general public and news organization will only turn it around and make it appear that these people are lazy and should be looking for work. We all know the jobs are far and few between. Heck once this computer gets fixed for EDD they will be laying off workers by the hundreds it will be fully self sufficient.

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