September 18, 2017 · 2 comments

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So i have an overpayment on my benefits right now iv passed the 15 penalty weeks of false claims and am now onto the credits being applied to overpayment weeks so my question is will they take all thati owe or only 30% and will i receive whats left after ??

  • Bret Halbert

    The overpayment thing just blows me away. So let me get this straight. You all gave me too much money and its my fault. Hows that work? Greg at EDD puts in the wrong amount for months and then realizes it and everyone is like hey no big deal its not your fault. So next time I overpay at a store and don’t get the correct change Ill go back in there a week later and tell them to call you all and you can explain how your fix it.

    • Blanca Lopez

      Same happened to me and I went to the hearing last week on Thursday so now I’m just waiting for the decision in the mail.

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