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I’m confused

September 26, 2017 · 0 comments

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So I’m a little confused and maybe someone can help me out. When I’m on my UI online, under “claim history”, it states that I have been “paid” for 3 of the 4 weeks I have certified for (with the first week being the waiting period). But when I open up “payment history”, it’s only showing that I’ve been paid for one week? Where are the other two weeks? Under claim history it states “paid”, but there’s no “payment ID” and they aren’t in payment history. What does this mean?


I applied for my EDD benefits and was approved got my first 2 payments without any problems. I certified and had a phone interview at the end of the week. I missed my phone interview by a few minutes and called back immediately and left a message. I kept calling back until today, when she finally called me back. I did the phone interview and she told me it’ll take a couple days for them to process and, if everything is okay I’ll get my money. I also got a notice to certify this week. I certified and then almost immediately on my claim history it says ‘disqualification’ for all my prior claims. Even the ones I was paid for. I’m really confused and scared as to what it means. Does it mean I’m disqualified from my benefits? Do I have to pay back for my previous weeks? Really concerned. ANyone else have this issue?


So i found out through my own investigation that i was disqualified for at least 4 weeks (i certified twice for 4 different weeks 2 weeks at a time and thats how i found out) but i have yet to actually receive a notice of determination. now that seems a bit odd and maybe its just lost in the mail. but if the deadline is up, and i truly never receive it even though i called UI and had a representative repeatedly tell me its on the way, is there a way i can be granted the money i was rightfully free to appeal? essentially i dont think ill be able to appeal the ruling because of the fact that i havent got the letter, i havent got the appeal form, no one is answering my questions.

I filed for unemployment. The last place I worked at last year was a pizza place. I delivered. I told EDD I left because I had to go back to Illinois to help put my father with ALS move into an assisted living place. And the pizza owner would not give more than 2 days off. I had to go back several times to Illinois since. Sold my car for money later so cant’ deliver.

Was denied. Now appealing. Any appeal tips? PLEASE. THANKS


September 18, 2017 · 2 comments

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So i have an overpayment on my benefits right now iv passed the 15 penalty weeks of false claims and am now onto the credits being applied to overpayment weeks so my question is will they take all thati owe or only 30% and will i receive whats left after ??

Reporting Wages

September 17, 2017

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Do I need to report short term disability paid by my previous employer?


September 16, 2017

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So I Got Fired From My shitty Job But they gave me The EDD Pamphlet I Applied online A Couple Of Days After I Got a Letter Saying I Have An Interview On The 22 Of This Month Saying If Im Getting Certified or Not 2 days later i get another letter saying that i was certified a reward telling me how much im getting per week does that mean i have to still wait on the interview another thing it says i have to fill out the paper for the two weeks and turn it in this sunday i know now you can do it on line and what time is the best?