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Tried telecerting this week, as I am not required to submit work history this week. System says that it cannot process telecert, and I must submit a form. Anyone else having that problem?

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Any body else still show pending status for their web CERT? Mine usually says paid by now.


I have been collecting unemployment since April and haven’t had a problem but today they sent me a letter for a 2nd interview and asking questions ” if I gave incorrect information about earnings”. I put everything down that was truthful, I’m confused and worried about the interview. Any help would be appreciated thanks


My unemployment payment from EDD was deposited to my EDD/BofA debit card account on May 28 and I have not been allowed to transfer it via online transfer to my bank account due to BofA “transfers temporarily unavailable” since then. I contacted BofA and they said yes it is down for transfers but I can “use my card at an ATM” and EDD at UI online responded to my complaint to them about BofA saying it is strictly an internal Bof A matter and that the suggest I use my card at an ATM. THEY CHOSE BOFA AS THEIR PARTNER IN CRIME BY SPECIFYING THEM AS THE SOLE VENDOR RATHER THAN JUST DEPOSITING THE FUNDS IN A CLIENT BANK ACCOUNT. BofA is now sitting on my money and refusing to transfer it via their “temporarily unavailable” transfer system and will not say when it will be fixed. I will go to BofA tomorrow to remove all my funds and then drive to my bank, deposit etc. but where do I bill BofA for my lost time and mileage? I am then going to contact my state senator and rep and request they look into BofA having a sole source contract they are not adhering to and to replace them as vendor ASAP! Anyone else want to join in or just go RIOT at BofA????? REALLY PISSED!!!!


I usually get my disability payments every other Thursday evening by 6 PM I should’ve received it already tonight and haven’t seen anything does anyone know if it could be delayed because Monday was memorial day ? I’m in CA. Anyone in CA already get their payment today?


My SDI benefits got deposited into the BofA EDD account late Friday 5/26. After logging on to the website to initiate the transfer to my bank, I see a message stating “Online funds transfers are temporarily unavailable.” This is the only way I access my money as I am bound by principle to not swipe that card and let BofA profit even a dime of interchange fees off me.

Calling into the “customer service” line is useless. They transfer you to the “funds transfer” department and twice now I have been on hold for over two hours(!) and eventually disconnected before getting to speak to someone, let alone initiate a transfer. Today is Thursday 6/1 and the online funds transfer system is still down. No one seems to care over there at BofA’s EDD card customer service so today I called the LA Times to see if they might be interested in reporting on this.

It’s really convenient that due to the nature of this partnership, no one, not EDD nor BofA, is in a position to assume responsibility for matters such as these. If this were BofA’s regular checking customers they would NEVER allow ACH transfers to be down for 5+ business days. People would be withdrawing their money any way they could and there would be a run on their bank. File this under Pissed!/Where’s My Money?!


already received first few payments.Now haven’t seen a dime in 3 weeks. UI online said cert received. Any advice?