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I certified online on Sunday night. Usually Monday or Tuesday money is transferred.

It says on the UI online that the weeks I certified for “Paid”. Yet, when I looked at my EDD card online and called for last payment, it hasn[t been paid yet.

So, no money. Anyone else? Are they having trouble over there?

I applied for my maternity leave in November of 2016 and did not get paid until february, the month i am due. That alone pissed me off. I need my money! and why do they give you run arounds and talk very rudely to you? what is their problem!!!?? I cant even explain to them what they did wrong because one lady told me not to talk!! whaaaaat?????? Is that legal??? I have only spoken to one decent lady and that was it. I wish I could remember her name because she deserves a pat on the back.

It is now april 8, 2017, I was suppose to get paid last paycheck, and today i was hoping i get paid twice because it is another payment week. Did i try calling? yes! did I get through to them? No. why is it so hard to get to a live person? so did I het paid on time? NOPE!!!! nothing! where the hell is my money! i have a newborn who needs me to buy his necessities! do they even care?? NOPE! i dont think so. I Have $26 left…am I going to get paid? and until when will I be broke because they fail to pay me on time? I should be getting paid until June. It is only April. What is going on? do they realize how much trouble they give others who rely on their maternity leave benefits??? I need some answers!

Can EDD garnish your bank account?

Ok, so I thought you get SDI payments weekly ? How do you get them ? Bi-weekly. Or weekly ? Also , do you get your weekly benefit amount or do you get the daily amount ? Ok very confused and can’t figure it out because I got a partial 3 day payment that isn’t equal to my daily amounts ? Anyone on SDI for pregnancy know my answer ???

so today is sunday, I go to certify online as normal and only 1 week is available to certify. they haven’t sent me any letters or reason to think something is wrong, but I am stressed the F out because the EDD SUCKS and idk why the second week is not there. could it be system problems? has anyone had similar issues?

Anybody else on UI in AZ know just wtf is going on? I’m getting a little miffed, and calling them is an exercise in futility.

Anybody know what’s up?

Waiting for answer

March 18, 2017

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I had my EDD interview more than 10 days ago and I haven’t received a response yet. My last certification from 2 weeks ago is still “pending”. If they deny my claim, can I appeal based on them taking longer than 10 days to get back to me?