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I was penalized with five weeks of disqualification because I took a temp job and accidentally forgot to report the wage sometime last year. I recieved a letter from EDD stating that over payment was approximately $2000 plus penalty. I’ve gone through five weeks of disqualification and another week of waiting period. Total of six weeks.Then I was expecting to receive benefit on seventh week.(When I contacted EDD person and he said starting seventh week I will receive benefit)but another five more weeks of no benefit continued which applied to over payment.
With my income tax refund confiscated and applied to overpayment and total balance should be close to zero by now.
I’m wondering what the heck is going on?



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Long story short, I was disqualified from receiving benefit for five weeks. I contacted EDD person and got a response with I have two more weeks to go including 6th week of waiting period. I do receive letter ans statements from EDD and the status changed to “weekly benefit applied to overpayment” from “benefit applied to disqualification” at some point. I’m sure it changed after six weeks and almost 12 weeks have gone but despite filing bi-weekly claims,I still get letters saying benefit applied towards the overpayment with no check(money) in it? I was thinking and contacted EDD person about and response was, I will receive benefit at 7th week.Anyone know exactly what’s going on? Thanks on advance.


I am sure I am not the only one who has experienced this but here we go. I went through the normal processed online completed my 1st interview yada yada yada. When it came time for me to get paid I received a notice stating I had to do another phone interview WTF! and I had bills to pay that week. I tried to be smart by calling them to clear up any misunderstanding, sat on hole for 2 HOURS only for call to drop! I almost threw my phone out the window. Long story short I did not get my check that week, ended up having to wait until the following Tuesday, the bastard called me for the phone interview only to say and I quote ” I am not sure why your were rescheduled, everything seems to be correct on our end” SON OF A BITCH

since then though I find this free site and they are actually helping me find a job, no temp or staffing jobs legitimate job, my silver lining LOL.


Fuck edd

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These fucking idiots still haven’t given me my money and it’s been a month. How fucking hard is it to load my money. Fucking idiots!


I was let go due to not being a good fit. Employer even stated I did a good job and could use them as a reference. Basically, girl who has been there 7 years did not like me and she had me pushed out. Anyways, I file for UI on 6-22, had my phone interview on 7-13, got paid for 2 weeks (7-1 & 7-8) on 7-20. I go online to certify for the 2 weeks ending 7-23 and I have a notice stating I have a phone interview scheduled for 8-2 due to question about my eligibility! What?!?! I already had a phone interview and was obviously approved! It states a letter was sent out but I haven’t received anything! Does anyone know if I’m not going to get any more payments until after this new interview?? In not, is that even legal?? I was already approved! It took a whole month just toget paid and I have bills that need to be paid! My cert says pending and I’m freaking out here! Please, has this happened to anyone else?? Will I get paid or have to wait til after that interview?? Thank you!!


Traveling for few weeks

July 19, 2017

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I am planning to travel for few weeks and planning to answer YES to the following:

*Was there any reason (other than sickness or injury) that you could not have accepted full-time work each workday?

My question is that, does this permanently disqualify my unemployment? Or just for the few weeks I was traveling?

I certify online. I received my first payment after my waiting period. I certified for 7-1 and 7-8 but it still just says pending. I know they say allow ten days, but others I know get the paid status minutes after they certify. They say entering work search history is optional. Does anyone else have a problem with your status stuck in pending, do you think it’s becauseI didn’t enter work search history?