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December 7, 2017 · 3 comments

in Where's my Money!?

Anyone else still waiting for payment for weeks 11/19/17 thru 12/2? Everything was certified AND received on 12/2 but still no payment…. I gotta pay rent!!!


I checked off the homeless box on my unemployment form. I am now living with a friend, but they have contacted me for a phone interview that I sense is due to my homeless status with edd. If they would like me to demonstrate I can still look for unemployment while homeless how do I do that?
Should I just change my residential address to my companion even though I have no proof of residence(Bills / lease ect)?


My certification papers arrived today dated for 12-03-2017 but it’s 12-05-2017 today. I’m guessing it’s due to the Thanksgiving weekend that they 2 days late should I send my certification papers today? Or how do I go about this problem? Can someone please give me advice on how to go about this


After my last payment on Nov 7th, I hadn’t been paid and getting in touch with edd has been hell, finally I got through and was told there was an error and the woman managed to fix it and I should be getting paid 2 weeks from today Dec 4; will I be eligible for back pay?
The woman on the phone seemed to rush me off so I didn’t even think to ask this.


I am writing on behalf of all employees that work hard and know they are being robbed by there employer(s), whether it be for expense reimbursements, lunches/breaks, overtime, payroll & personal records, benefits, and all other enforceable wage & civil rights laws-
1. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Even if it means studying for many hours. Expectantly CA! Even if you obtain an attorney.
Any and all that would help your cause. If still employed or terminated- EMAIL! CERTIFIED MAIL! COMMUNICTIVE RECORD
Express and confront situation before leaving. (limited is resigned)
3. SEEK LEGAL ADVICE! Whether through DLSE, LAYWER, or ADVOCATE. VERY IMPORTANT! Don’t give up if you truly have suffered.

I was denied Unemployment Insurance Benefits and appealed the decision. The employer lied multiple times during interview with ALJ. I could tell the judge was aware of it. I’m waiting for decision but I’m thinking positive. Go to Appeals Board website and study game plan.
Bring Documents, Knowledge of Violation(s), and BE HONEST!!
That should be all you need. If that doesn’t work, . . Cali Workers are TRULY SCREWED!!! Good luck…


I got my UI award letter today and discovered that my employer didn’t report my second quarter earnings. They withheld state and federal taxes from my paychecks but didn’t deposit the funds with the tax agencies. I was laid off because they closed the business. This effects my weekly award payment–instead of $450 for 6 months, I will only get $175 for six weeks.

I will call EDD on Monday morning to report this fraud. I was told by someone I know who works for EDD that an adjustor will review my payroll check payment records and that I could end up getting the correct award amount, but that it is a long process. (I will also have to deal with the IRS and state next year when I don’t receive a W-2 or receive an incorrect W-2.)

I was shocked that the owners of the company would use the employees’ tax deposits to pay other bills (or pay themselves). I think they should go to prison for fraud. There are 10 other employees who are also affected by this.

Has anyone here dealt with this situation?


I was receiving automatic payments since I was put on leave in August, and my doctor had put me on leave until 12/4 but has extended it to 1/4. I was last paid on 11/9, did my extension affect when I’ll be getting paid, along with Thanksgiving last week?