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Anyone in NJ?

May 29, 2017

in ¿Confused?

Does anyone know if Memorial Day will affect unemployment benefits in NJ? The claim was done yesterday morning & it always comes on Tuesdays.

Ui online for California is saying that I was certified for this coming week that I haven’t even certified for. I did not receive any payment. There is no option for me to certify for benefits as I normally would every Sunday online. It’s saying I have to wait till June 4th which is two weeks from the last time I certified. What is going on? Anyone else had this issue?

So I certify with Telecert beacuse the online/mobile cert always errors out or won’t let me log in. As many of you know, If a state holiday falls on a Monday Telecert demands you mail in your continued claim form. My question is… if I just wait untill after the holiday and call will it go through? Beacuse id rather not wait the 10 days they estimate for the paper form to be processed.

I usually certify at midnight on Sunday and get my funds on Sunday evening after 7pm.

Does anyone know if the holiday on this coming Monday will affect the payout for the day before?

I received approval for CTB due to school enrollment but when I went to UI online, it looks like my claim was closed. Do I need to reopen it so I can certify each week? I appreciate any feedback.

Scroll down to where it says “Telling The Truth Not The Best Policy”

The real health care crisis

EDD is the worst state agency in CA and possibly the worst UE agency in the United States. They all know this, all the politicians, and they ignore it. It’s time to make it an election issue. CA Democrats are the greatest hypocrites. They want universal health care, “rights for all”, blah blah, but absolutely do not care about this truly cruel and hateful agency, that people lose their homes, their cars, their KIDS because EDD is so terrible–and the “compassionate” Democrats turn a blind eye. Ask your representative what they intend to do about reforming EDD (give them some ideas rather than just bitch) and if they don’t care, vote for somebody else. Until this becomes an election issue, nothing will change. Nothing. Thank you.