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I am told i qualify and then the opposite happens. have you ever tried calling the EDD???
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I have filled out the application 4x. The first 3x I did not print anything out, or
save the confirmation number, so I thought it was my fault. The 4th time I filled out the application and they told me to send the confirmation number even though IT WAS IN THE EMAIL I SENT THEM TO TELL THEM I HAD APPLIED FOR THE 4TH TIME. I also tried to call for 2w in a row, but was unsuccessful in getting through. Why dont they hire more people to answer the phones? There would probably be a tremendous drop in the unemployment number! And why dont they actually read their email? And even provide a place in their many fields to put the confirmation number so that they can find it since they have such a difficult time reading. Perhaps I could provide a literacy service for them. Oh well. I’m done for the day, if I dont get a real email or phone call tomorrow, I am calling my congressman and the governor.


Please help!

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I applied early in Jan. And I didnt hear anything back for over 20 days. I did finally get the letter notice of edd claim filed and just now received email stating I had weeks to certify for. I did not have a telephone interview and I didnt receive a letter of award. Does this “certify for benefits” mean I was awarded ?

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Hi so I have a question. I lost my bank of America card today and I called customer service. They issue me a new card. I was wondering how long does one get their card? Also would i still be able to get my money when I have to certify on Sunday even though I don’t have the card?


Everything I read about 2500A Cert for Continued Benefits says if I am NOT on automatic payments…did I have a choice or does SDI determine that?

So as I understand it, if I can’t change that,every two weeks I’ll have to file 2500A? AND wait an additional 10 days to see payment?

At exactly 8:00am, the number of callers had exceeded. Riiiiiiight!



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My money just showed up minutes ago in BOA site. It’s dated 1/22…but it didn’t show up until 1/23.

Better late than never, I guess.


EDD site said paid

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The money just now showed up in my account. Go to Bank of America EDD site and sign in with all of your information. I certified online on Sunday at 11:30 am. It stayed pending all night. Showed paid all day but money just now reflected on my Edd card. Its 10:15 pm in Laguna Niguel, Ca. The actual EDD site still showed paid but doesn’t have the transaction number from today.