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Hi everyone, so i recently applied to receive UI benefits and i was approved, i will be getting around 250 a week but i recently got called in for an interview with Spirit halloween, it went well and offered me a position, now that i have that job offer, i dont know wheather to collect the UI benefits or accept the job offer at spirit. i am on here asking because i will only b employed for the holloween season which is one month. if i do accept this job, does anyone know what will happen to my UI benefits? i dont think i will b making as much money if i were to be hired because hours are scarce and it will b part time. My other question is if i do accept the job, after its over, would i b able to re apply for UI benefits NOT through spirit, but through the job i had before?? i really hope i worded this correctly to have ANYONE understand where im coming from or have been in this situation before. PLEASE HELP


My last day of work was a Monday.

My first Continued Claim form shows the 1st claim week beginning on the Sunday before my last day of work. I assume then that I should list my last day of work on this form?

SO i certified sometime during the wee morning of sept 3rd. i mean around 12-12:30 am. i know Monday was a holiday so i assume my claim wouldnt be processed until Tuesday and i get my money Wednesday. well Tuesday has came and went. no change to the EDD website. no money deposited into my account. before, it would deposit in my account around 10-10:20 pm the following night i certify. am i right to assume everything should be pushed a day later, or because Monday being a holiday, i have to wait an extra two days? i mean damn its always been pretty easy for me in terms of EDD but shit im not too happy right about now.

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Exhibiting symptoms of confusion here, hope someone here can help. Three weeks ago, I applied for UI, had a phone interview on 8/30/2016. After which, I certified for UI benefits online. I have not received an approval or denial letter from EDD, however. When I check my UI account online, it shows EDD issued one payment for 2nd week and the 1st was the (Waiting Period Served for week ending 08/19/2017). So far so good, now. Keep in mind I have yet to receive and debit card or approval or denial letter from EDD. What I did get in the mail was, continued claim form for the next two weeks. Here is my confusion, I login to my UI account this morning and under “notification” it reads:
“Reopen Your Claim

If you have not certified for benefits for a period of time or you have never certified during this benefit year, you must reopen your claim”

and just below that it reads, under notifications.

09:00 a.m.

In-Person Appointment

Reemployment Eligibility Assessment

You have an in-person appointment scheduled. You must appear at the date and time shown. Failure to attend this appointment may affect your eligibility to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits. A letter was sent to you containing information about your appointment. If you have not received this letter before your appointment date, contact us.

Does this suggest that my UI claim was denied and I have to reapply (hence the reopen your claim title)? and there is a link to reopen claim. Since its a holiday weekend, I cant get in touch with edd rep. Hoping someone here can help me understand, if my claim was denied and that I have to reapply.
Thank you all in advance.

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August 31, 2017

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I have been waitng since aug 24th to get my check I keep calling edd they say wait ten business days now I checked online and its saying cancelled today but said paid all the previous days I checked. Has this happened to anyone else?? Why would they cancel my benefits without a letter?

CTB/TE-WIOA Benefits

August 29, 2017 · 1 comment

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I’m receiving UI benefits and I started a program and it’s before my 16th week. I requested and informed EDD and a phone interview is scheduled. The program is on the ETPL providers list in CA and it’s available for WIOA funding.

They don’t have funding which seems to be the norm for WIOA but would they at least be able to approve the training and send in something to the EDD before funding? If I start self initated CTB claim, how do I get approved? I have a interview next week via phone.

Hello There,

I have been receiving UI benefits for about a few months now. I got a letter stating I’ve been scheduled for an interview because I didn’t list a job on my original claim form. I don’t even remember working for the employer and it’s not the one that is due to me getting unemployment benefits.
I probably worked there for less than a couple weeks for extra money during the time because I seriously don’t remember and I didn’t get or file it or my taxes.

Will this disqualify me or will I get continued benefits? Go to a higher tier? Phone interview is next week. Help please!