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July 7, 2017

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Does anybody know if the website is down

I filed last month. I just received my FIRST payment. There’s a claim balance on the letter. The claim balance equals about 10 more weeks of payments. That’s it. I thought unemployment lasted for 26 weeks. Can someone explain this?

I was unemployed on June 15, they set up a phone interview for July 3. I don’t understand why they are confused, because it should be clearcut. Do I need to fill out some paperwork or internet thing to attest to looking for work since I first filed the claim?

This is the first time I have filed for EDD via UI online. Do you really have to fill in the work search record? If you read it, it seems more like it for your own records. Thanks

Fix your stupid website
Wasted my time trying to respond

I was born and raised in Cali and I used to be upset when I heard anyone talk shit about Cali, but now that I have experienced the manner in which our state government cheats its own taxpayers I no longer have any loyalty or pride to defend their commitment or loyalty to us taxpayers.
I worked for a military contractor from 2006 to 2012, was then laid off due to budget cuts. I did not immediately file for Unenployment Insurance Benefits because I have always worked and made effort to be productive rather than sit on my ass and ask for aid. I am a Class A truckdriver and when I could not find a decent paying job after being laid off I filed for UIB after 1 month, then flew up to North Dakota to look for work, returned to Cali, began receiving UIB, and then returned to North Dakota in June 2012 to accept a job offer. After working in ND for approximately 4 months I returned to Cali and being unemployed tried to reopen my UIB claim with EDD and was told by them to “go file in N.Dakota”. I called EDD in N.Dakota and a very polite and professional lady told me I did not qualify for benefits in their state, she pulled up my info on her computer and told me “you need to reopen your Cali claim because you still have about $2000 in unpaid benefits”, and she said she would send a fax to EDD in Cali on my behalf. When I contacted EDD here in Cali they continued to give me the run around, they were rude, hard to make contact with, unprofessional, and ultimately created such difficulty that the claim was closed and I never received the remaining benefits due me. Fast forward… I have worked through a very large union for the past 2 years and work fluctuates depending on weather, contracts, and normal job completion. I have had such difficulty dealing with EDD that I have contacted my state Senator Jean Fuller’s office for their intervention(3 times). Presently EDD is now retaliating by claiming that they overpaid me $52 in 2015 plus a $17 fine. Rick 661-444-5495

worked for my company for 4 years, commuting by bus,at 5 hrs a day, $200 mo bus fare. In mid march my hrs were teduced from 40 per week to 20 per week due to budgeting. I cintinued to work but my commute then became 7 hrs round trip because no express buses ran that late, causing more aggravation and pain in my 4 heeniated discs. I quit. Now 5 weeks later, second intervoew, no pay and denial, i mailed my appeal today. Anyone win a appeal and how long did it take? I should have just aoplief for short term disability. Now i have no insurance and cannot even continue medical care, let aline pay bills and eat.