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So i got fired on the 28th,got an award letter then received a letter for phone interview on the 15th. Haven’t heard anything back yet but i got paid for the second week. A couple days ago it notified me to reopen my claim. I didn’t want to because i didn’t want to mess anything up. Well i reopened my claim yesterday, now is telling me to reopen my claim again. I have no idea what’s going on, i can only assume my claim was approved because i got paid for the week that wasn’t my waiting period. Any advice?

Why does this website show that “tiffaney acosta” responded to 14 posts under “Recent Comments” on the left, but none of these responses are showing?

I was unemployed for about 4 months from November-February due to lack of work at my regular job and filed a claim with EDD. I took a small part-time job for 3-4 weeks and stupidly didn’t report them with EDD because I misunderstood the question if I had worked (I took it as a question of if I had worked for the company I was claiming benefits for) It’s a little over a month later and I received a letter of determination for failing to update my resume (There was nothing to update from my previous claim, I had filed the previous year for 2 months for the same job). My benefits for the first two weeks of February were suspended and the last weeks I haven’t certified for because I started back at work on February 21st and do not need benefits. The phone interview is tomorrow and was looking for any tips and how I should bring up that I was overpaid if they would just not pay the few weeks they had suspended due to my resume not being updated.

usually if I cert at 12 am on sunday I get paid around 7 the same day.

but tomorrows presidents day, any one else get paid the day before a holiday?

my ui online says “paid for the last two weeks”

I usually file on Sunday at midnight and my money comes at 7 at night. This sunday I didn’t file until 3 a.m. does anybody know when my money will come.


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Website is SHIT
Won’t answer phone calls
Make an ISIS beheading video with these Bastards !!!

this stupid EDD website. I can’t even finish my claim form