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I am at my wit’s end and slowly breaking down. I filed a claim for SDI in early November, and since then, there’s been nothing but stalling and delays.
I live nearby an office, and every time I go up there to check on the status of my claim there seems to be an issue that delays the processing time.

The first delay was when I went up to the office the first week of December and found I had missed a signature on a form. I signed it and they told me I would have my claim processed in 7-10 days. I waited two weeks and went back to the office in mid-December after not hearing any updates, and this time they said my claim was invalid due to an error with my wages (my job’s fault). Again, another 7-10 business days to “process.” Today, I went up to the office, yet again, and this time there were notes on my account to verify certain questions on my application. I answered them and was told that I have to wait another 7-10 days before it was processed.

It’s been in this cycle of being “processed” for two months now. I have no money, and I am scared that I will lose my apartment and everything else that I have because of this. Had I not been able to go to the office to check on my claim, things would be going even slower than they have. The worst part is that I’m just waiting to get approved…which means if I am denied, I am screwed.

It’s really messing with my head and I feel like I’m about to have a mental breakdown any day now. I’ve tried being patient, but it’s been two months and counting too long.

I just filed today on 1/1/18 and didnt expect to get paid until tomorrow, but on the status it says paid. Does this mean I will receive it today? I filed at 6am it is now 8am, I’m new to the edd and don’t know how long it takes to process payment anyone else I know if they are paying out today? The page says no, but like I said my claim says paid. Reback would be appreciated


December 31, 2017 · 6 comments

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Will there be a delay in benefits because of the holidays

Not sure how it is for everyone else but I certify my benefits online. Well I only got paid for 1 week ( 12/16/2017) & my week of (12/23/2027) is still pending since Sunday! Went to the edd office in person and they were no help what so ever. I’ve been calling and calling and had no luck talking to someone . How is it I got paid 1 week & not the other !!!? I have no idea what to do , this is honestly stressing me out and worrying me rents due Monday & they’re not even open on Monday! Any other way I can get ahold of someone ?! Already emailed them but no responses yet

Still pending

December 29, 2017

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Quick question I filed on the 26th of nov and still haven’t received a payment i had a interview on dec 20 and lady told me to fax everything I did and haven’t received any updates still pending I emailed two days ago and on the email it saidI was denied because of identity but i still have received a letter of denial and i had to certify for another two weeks? I already faxed everything the lady said I would get my money after Christmas and said she would call me that two days after my interview and she never called do you think I can still get benefits or should I keep calling? Someone help anyone please

I was receiving benefits until july ’17 and had an account with UIOnline. Had to re-register when I just got laid off around xmas. I was wondering why i kept getting logged out (wrong password maybe?) but when I clicked on Forgot Password to get a temp one, it seemed like i would never receive the reset emails.

After dealing with the phone system, they said they redid the system in october, so i figured, what the hell… i re-registered for UI Online and i immediately got a reply email.

So give that a shot.

How long does it take….

December 27, 2017

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I had a phone interview yesterday that seemed to go fairly well. The issue is that I was already receiving benefits while working part time but they stopped and I had the subsequent interview….I would like to know how long does it take to restart my benefits