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I work in a construction union, im use to being able to take care of my bills ect. During layoffs for winter i had to use edd, now i screwed!!! It took over 6 weeks to get my unemployment now i am homeless, living on my sisters couch with my child, could not pay for my car so i lost it, which prevents me from going to work in the field i am use to, and i am on the verge of losing everything i own due to not getting my second payment on telecert in a timely fashion, i mean everything i owb is in storage and if i dont pay tomorrow im fucked!!!! I certified sunday it is now wednesday, and you would think the least that could happen after dealing with them is for me to receive my second payment in a timely fashion, but of course not…. they have completely ruined my life, and there is nothing i can do about it i hate the system!!!!

I called EDD right at 8am and right away was told too many people holding and call disconnected!! I have called back at 100 times and it’s only 10am and still not getting a live person!! WTF?!? Is there another secret number to use?? Will I ever get someone live?? This is absolutely ridiculous! HELP!!!


December 21, 2017

in Where's my Money!?

I got my first payment two weeks ago on 12/07/2017 and today.. exactly two weeks later.. I was supposed to receive my second payment. It’s now 10:30 PM and I still haven’t received shit! How am I supposed to pay my bills and buy Christmas gifts without my money? Get it together EDD ya’ll suck ass.

Hi, i filed for unemployment in november and was approved. Ive been paid for 3 weeks when i get a letter saying i have an interview to determine if I’m eligible. I did the call where she asked if i quit. I told her i didnt quit but she said that my boss said i sent a text saying i was quitting. The website still shows my claim award and im supposed to certify sunday. Will i still get the money on my card? How do i know if i am disqualified? Will they believe the employer or me?

Called edd but they never give me the option to speak to alive person. Does anybody know what number to call or what to press to recieve that option?


Thank you for putting up this site. I too was unemployed during the 2009-2010 time frame, so I am fully aware of how ugly EDD can get, and also how many lives have been damaged by this process.

I have spent countless hours over the last 6-7 years researching and documenting the fraud and corruption that EDD so much loves to subject us to. I have also had the help of two EDD insiders with my research, and the results have been mind boggling. The farther I got into the world of EDD, the more shocked I became. I see many frustrated posters on this site who suggest suing EDD, but I don’t believe that is the answer, and, a person would play hell ever finding an attorney to take the case, Pro Bono. I think subjecting EDD and their dirty deeds to the light of day would be a much better way to bring about the drastic changes that are needed. On your “About” page, you touch on some interesting points:

“We’ve all known people who abuse the system and have been for years. What I didn’t know is that the system actually caters to these people.”

I am quite sure that you have no idea just how deep that statement runs.
So my question to you is, are you content with hosting this site, or would you like to become more involved in bringing about the world of change that our friends at EDD so desperately need?

-The Reaper

hi Folks,

do you know what are the payment options on EDD if BofA all over sudden decides to close the Debit prepaid account?

BofA just informed me that the account is closed which is very awkward.

How should I proceed?