Payback- Wage Theft in So. Cal

December 4, 2017

in Pissed!

I am writing on behalf of all employees that work hard and know they are being robbed by there employer(s), whether it be for expense reimbursements, lunches/breaks, overtime, payroll & personal records, benefits, and all other enforceable wage & civil rights laws-
1. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Even if it means studying for many hours. Expectantly CA! Even if you obtain an attorney.
Any and all that would help your cause. If still employed or terminated- EMAIL! CERTIFIED MAIL! COMMUNICTIVE RECORD
Express and confront situation before leaving. (limited is resigned)
3. SEEK LEGAL ADVICE! Whether through DLSE, LAYWER, or ADVOCATE. VERY IMPORTANT! Don’t give up if you truly have suffered.

I was denied Unemployment Insurance Benefits and appealed the decision. The employer lied multiple times during interview with ALJ. I could tell the judge was aware of it. I’m waiting for decision but I’m thinking positive. Go to Appeals Board website and study game plan.
Bring Documents, Knowledge of Violation(s), and BE HONEST!!
That should be all you need. If that doesn’t work, . . Cali Workers are TRULY SCREWED!!! Good luck…

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