Pending for 2 weeks & impossible to get through

January 3, 2018 · 7 comments

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Processed right before Christmas. Status has been pending. I’ve called countless times. I was finally able to get through to a worker who put me on hold to find out what’s going on with my claim. After 20 minutes on hold, I heard a bad sound. They hung up my call.
This is nothing compared to what the VA did to my father.
Seriously, people want the government to run and control their healthcare? Best case scenario is for them to run it the same way they run the DMV. We’re so screwed.

  • Jake

    Mine been pending for 6 weeks. :/

    • EDD Can’t Help Everyone

      Phone interviews take 10 business days or two weeks. Allow for holidays. 6 weeks ? You were most likely denied. Appeals must be filed within 30 days. Mail to address on the upper left corner of any correspondence from EDD such as award letter or notice of claim filed. Add as many pages as you want numbered and with SSN and social Read this guide first.

  • Elena

    Me too! I re-certified right before Christmas (my next date to re-certify is 1/7) and my status is still pending! I logged on today and it states I have a phone interview on 1/16! I have been getting benefits since September. Not sure if this is standard or what, I have never been on unemployment before 🙁

    • yeah yeah

      I had a phone interview on December 22 and log on to see I have ANOTHER scheduled for January 12. In the meantime, I haven’t received any payments. EDD is a completely ineffective agency.

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    • EDD Can’t Help Everyone

      No credit check ? Hmmm I may email you

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