• Lauren

    How does your situation make edd employees lazy? Its not their fault your employer protested holding up your money its theirs! Millions of people are on unemployment too not just you.

    • phone interview? BS!!

      let’s see you say that if this shit happens to you. It must be nice to have your money coming in steadily whether if you have a job or if you’re receiving UI too. Easy for you to say when you’re not the one dealing with this. And for the record, when I filed the claim I entered the information as accurately as I possibly could, my former employer is just GREEDY and trying to avoid paying me. The edd rep can’t even tell me which employer “protested” (there’s 2 that I put on the claim), that way I can at least contact the employer myself to clarify the situation. Not to mention EDD could’ve speed up the process instead of making me wait another 2 weeks, but no, they can care less. And you Lauren, you’re just like them, you have no empathy for what others are going through, you think we’re unemployed because of our own fault. Yes there’s millions that are unemployed, we’re victims of this economy and greedy companies like my former employer. If you got nothing good to say, then STFU cuz you sound like a cold-hearted dumbass.

  • Brandon

    Same thing happened to me. It is very infuriating having to wait so long for an easy interview. They will send you a letter and on the back it will provide details as to what your employer is disputing. Prepare your answers ahead, the interviewrs are usually very short and rude.

    • phone interview? BS!!

      Thank you Brandon for your empathy and not so quick to judge like Lauren. And I really appreciate your advice =) Thank you!

      • Brandon

        You are very welcome. It is tough having to wait an extra two weeks for your money. Just a heads up, even if the rep had given you the info on the employer and why they were disputing it would not make a difference. They’d still want to interview you. My exemployer and I were on the same page and still EDD had me wait two weeks for the interview etc. On the bright side you’ll get paid for all these weeks once it is resolved. Good luck!

  • Guest

    This happened to me. I actually had done my claim through Web-Cert, expecting my deposit which wouldn’t come, and finally had to telephone an EDD representative to be told my benefits are on hold until a phone interview two weeks later. Why? Because a previous employer I worked for not more than two days, which I reported, told EDD a different story which didn’t add up (they lied) and screwed me for no reason.

    The moral of the story is to do your best to get your life in order because the worst option is to be completely dependent on EDD. Whatever they give, they take away in a heartbeat over literally nothing, especially if you’re honest. Any discrepancy is a red flag for EDD and they’ll pull your benefits, make you wait, and shrug their shoulders until then – over nothing. Be wary!

    • Mario

      Amen. Most of us are ready and able to work and we have our lives in order; however the unemployment rate is through the roof. The economy sucks and the government needs to get its shit together. We are victims of their mismanagement.

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