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We’d like for people to READ their Claimant Handbook, before calling us with questions for which the answers ARE ALL in the DE1275A (Claimant Handbook).

READ, READ, READ “EVERYTHING” which the EDD sends/mails to you! However, getting people to take interest in their OWN UI, so that they can manage their UI Claim by being INFORMED, is like pulling teeth!

EVERY DAY I speak with Claimants who ask ALL of the questions, for which the answers ARE provided in the DE1275A. And, BTW – it is written at a 6th grade level, so that ALL can understand. However, this would require you to DO SOMETHING – READ!!!

When I say to many of you “I can tell by the questions which you are asking me that you have NOT read your Claimant Handbook (the DE1275A), I get the tipycal reply “…uh, uh, yes I did, BUT….. (BUT, BUT, BUT…)”

God forbid folks take responsibility for their own paths… I don’t know what all of you are going to do come 12-31-2013, when ALL of the extension END. Period. NO MORE UI MONEY.

And, BTW – unlike what most think, this is NOT the EDD’s decision, this is mandated by the FEDS (the end of all of the extensions). Well, you kind of had to KNOW that they were going to end at some point, they can’t go on forever…..

I’m very scared that we’ll have a riot on our hands…….

Oh well. In the mean time folks, do read your DE1275A. It IS sent/mailed to you for a reason…..

  • Alice

    Thank you!

  • Dear EDD worker can we call U.

    thank you for coming here to our side of the fence to speak with us. Can we have a dialogue with you from time to time. May we call you GhostWorker22 of E.D.D?
    .Dear Ghost Worker #22 of EDD,
    After people sleep in cars for long periods of time and suffer from sleep depravation, and if someone needs a cigarette and has to find butts in the street, well, And what about the pain and suffering of getting EDD management to say on September 1, 2013, ..”now you all, we are going to be late with your payments because of the holiday so please plan….” And what of the countless of EDD workers who say onthe phone, just a minute, and lay the phone down for thirty or hang it up causing a person to redial four hundred and fifty times only to speak to a computer voice mail..
    Did you know EDD Ghost Worker #22, that public newspapers are written at the forth grade level not the sixth grade level, and many speak English at a second language pace and knowledge level.
    But what of I. A college grad, Well, I did not understand the EDD booklet either. and there are lots of secret things not put in the booklet, like the fact that if a person runs out of tier 3 and has old money from long ago from another unemployment claim, they can start on tier 1 again and access that old money from year or years back, but I bet EDD Ghost Worker #22, you never have told that to any person who called you clutching a hard Top Roman Noodle package and nibbling at that days food.
    By the way Ghost Worker #22, the massive computer that cost 90+ million will erase your job soon and you know what, you will be claiming unemployment.

    • Anonymous

      Mark drives us cray cray, but he’s got good points.

  • Ann

    I kind of think your not an edd employee, even if your right!

  • Think Now

    Dear EDD employee (or not),
    The EDD handbook does not address the next step’s for the claimant when, due to EDD’s incompetence and negligence, they have not received the benefits for which they are eligible. The EDD email and phone number provided in the handbook have proven to be an insufficient way to communicate with EDD. Try again.

    • guest

      For as many of you who are TRYING to get through to ask important questions (and can’t), guess how many times a day I am asked “…gee, why didn’t I get paid for the FIRST week of my benefits?” REALLY?
      Now multiply this by a few thousand… If these people WOULD have read their Claimant Handbook, perhapd others (like you) would have been able to get through. Just a thought…..

      • Anonymous

        I hear you, and that goes for all customer service jobs; people don’t read and ask the same question a million times. I’ve had to keep myself sane somehow.

      • Janelle

        This is true, but it is also true that not everything is in the claimant handbook. I have read through it multiple times only to find myself more confused. We live a society now where most everything is handed to us with very little work needed. Sad but true. At the very least thank you for taking time to answer questions and make comments.

      • uh huh

        If it’s a true on going problem all those clever intelligent EDD people haven’t come up with a real easily solution? Why not state it on the first bi weekly claim form in bold letters underlined with the words READ READ READ above it to make sure they know although they are certifying for two weeks this first payment will only include one week. Give the handbook page reference number which will explain why they only get one week. Problem solved. No more calls on that issue. But damn it’s better to just be a part of the problem and point the finger at the stupid claimant who calls in. Sounds better that way.

  • Suck me

    I think this is humorous because there are many subjects not covered in that handbook. That being said if an EDD worker is going to attempt to be condescending as usual then please apply the same approach to your job.

    Are you reading your manuals? Do you have any clue truly hot to access someones claim and timely process it. I’ve called repeatedly on issues not covered in some handbook but have more current information on what is taking place with this glitch then any of the EDD reps I’ve spoken to. I’ve had 4 out of 5 EDD reps act as if it was the first day on the job and they didn’t even know what fucking building they were sitting in, how they got there and honestly just what the fuck they were doing. The lies and attempts to not fix the problems are nothing but draconian. A promise to actually fix the system only to have the problem remain seems to be another issue with an EDD worker. The only thing you attempt to do is point the finger at anyone collecting benefits. Whats that phrase? Stupid is as stupid does. You and your fellow EDD reps come off like you are in jr. high taking a supervised training course for after school work. You have no clue what you are doing most of the time and have the audacity to actually bitch about your day. Not because you actually did the job correctly but because that’s some time honored tradition when employed. Every one hates their job so after coming home they let some steam off. Problem is you really didn’t earn the right to complain. You showed up. Stuck your finger up your ass. Solved no ones problems and then placed it on someone elses head.

    So taking your approach… Fuck you to!

    • grapul

      Did you see the post about the EDD agent that told the claimant her claim was delayed due to a conflict in the claim beginning dates? She filed on Tues 9/17, but he told her her claim date showed Sun 9/15/13, thus a conflict. He needs to read Pg 1, Item 1 of our handbook. Maybe he didn’t read his Training Manual!??

  • grapul

    I am one of the claimants who have read their handbook, cover to cover, numerous times, and before I call, I go back to the handbook or EDD website to look for the answer. Most of the info is self-explanatory, but there are areas that are confusing. Seems to be typical of government, whether state or federal, ie.: CA or federal labor codes. I am fairly intelligent and educated, but understanding the wordy double-talk can boggle your mind.

    You have many claimants from outside the U.S. who have minimal education; and the U.S. schools don’t seem to be able to effectively teach the 3 R’s anymore. Add the fact that most children don’t read for pleasure or to learn anymore. They don’t LIKE to read, aren’t encouraged to read and don’t have to read, not with everything on video, tape or the computer.

    I’m sure many don’t read, or just don’t understand, their handbooks for the above reasons. It’s frustrating, but that’s part of your job, like it or not.

    As pointed out in a previous reply, you cannot find answers in the handbook for this current God awful mess. That’s why you’re getting the overflow of callers. I know you’re working long hours and more days, but YOU HAVE A JOB, ARE GETTING PAID ON TIME plus O.T. and ARE GETTING ALL THE BENEFITS that go with any government job. So FEEL LUCKY that you’re on that end of the phone, because if you don’t like dealing with us, I’ll gladly switch places with you.

    ALL WE ASK IS FOR YOU TO: (1) Be courteous and respectful. (2) Be patient. (3) Be HONEST! Don’t tell us we’ve screwed up, when you know most of the screw up is within EDD. (4) Don’t make us resubmit our claims or certifications because “you never received them”. GO FIND THEM, we sent them, you have them! (5) Don’t make us wait for claim forms, that you don’t send out. (6) Don’t make us have to call back because you told us “there are no flags or holds on your account; you’ll be paid in 24-48 hours”, BUT WE’RE STILL NOT PAID. (7) Take the time to thoroughly look at our accounts to resolve the problem – THEN FIX IT.

    I’m still waiting for 4 certifications to go from SUBMITTED to ISSUED, 3 submitted on 10/6/13. Twice I spoke to my S.D. claim office and was told “no flags or holds, you will be paid”. Last Friday I called back. This time put on hold for 10 minutes, told by agent he couldn’t see any reason why I haven’t been paid, but my certs are “pending”. He said he couldn’t keep me on hold any longer, but would have someone call me back that same day. Well I never got a call back and still have not been paid.

    You get frustrated??? Try to imagine being frustrated with NO MONEY and NO JOB. THAT’s REAL FRUSTRATION!

  • Kiki

    All these assumptions about people is annoying (from everyone). I sincerely doubt this is an EDD worker; I am certain after of long day work they WOULD NOT be on this site. Get a grip.

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