• anonymous

    I found your post very thorough and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to post it and for including the EDD address. I hope you are able to get your payments in a timely manner.

    Frustrated is … the tip of the iceberg!

    • B

      Thank you. I completely understand the frustration. The hardest part is having to deal with the stigma when speaking to the reps/bank about EDD payments. It’s as if they make you feel less of a normal citizen because you’re collecting EDD benefits. It’s an unfortunate part of critical thinking, and a reason why the frustration is even higher. They make the DMV seems like a blessing in disguise in comparison. I just hope everyone can find solace in knowing that their own state Government has no issues with lying to them, which was prevalent in my personal situation with my delayed payment. Good luck to you and I sincerely hope nobody else is left enduring this troublesome circumstance.

  • Frustrated

    I am having the same problems that you had described in your blog. How can this be a coincidence that we have the same problem. I have sent an email to EDD using the link you mentioned in your blog 3 times and I have yet to receive a message. I call the 1-800-300-5616 every day for 1 week and have yet to speak to a real person.
    This is truly frustrating since I have been mailing my completed form to them like religion and I had been receiving my payments until this month.
    Thank you voicing this and good to know that I am not in this by myself.

  • Ty

    Sorry about your ordeal. I’d highly recommend getting through by way of the Vietnamese line, they’ve always been willing to help me and if they don’t speak English they’ll connect you to someone who does. I and some others have posted instructions so do a search for Vietnamese Line, and look at the comments. It’s quick and painless and will save you all the hassle.

  • Ed

    See, the EDD fucked up big time, they dont want to admit it, I as well copied my Claim form I sent out nov 18th. So it wasn’t me, and im sure its not us, and Im sure its not the postal service. This is called CYA “cover your ass” its a tactic of theirs so they dont look bad because they have fucked up so hard on this. Im still waiting for a claim form for the most recent 2 weeks, im going on 4 weeks no cash.

  • Crystal

    I’ve been calling over a week as well. It is impossible that they’ve reached the maximum # of callers everyday for a week! They’ve got the phones turned off and something is going on. I did my claim through WebCert online. I’ve also emailed 3X and haven’t received a response yet. I did try the 714 number but it’s been telling me that they’ve reached the max # of callers as well. I sent them a letter today so I’ll see what’s going on. Is there anyone higher then them that we can call? There are alot of people complaining on the EDD facebook page as well. Thanks for your post!

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