Question about H.R. 3979 bill, EUC, and Boehner

April 2, 2014 · 2 comments

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I recall a poster referring to a site that said this is the vehicle that the EUC will be attached to. Someone else hinted that because this bill began in the house, if the senate approves it then Boehner can’t block it.

Is that true?

  • Nothing new here.

    Speaker Boehner still controls the majority and if the vote comes to the floor it will be voted down .He can send it back to a joint Senate and House committee for reconciliation with the job creation bills he wants attached.Then it is up to the Senate to give in to his demands.

    • dennis

      i beleive they only have so much time to pass the fireman bill n republicans r behind the bill thats y he atached it to it

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