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August 26, 2012 · 3 comments

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Does anyone know how long this takes? is it an all day thing or an hour?

  • SoCalDude

    If you do everything online before you go (watch video, print certificate) have your questioner and work search completed, etc., it should go pretty quick. I was in and out of mine in 45 minutes. Show up early (15 minutes as stated in your letter), be prepared, and you’re good. Pay attention to the video, it will tell you a few additional things you should have to speed up your REA process.

  • OldskySlowsky

    From comments on this site it has ranged from a few minutes to less than an hour.
    Mine wasn’t bad but it was a bit of a process. Big group seated in a room to fill out an attendance and a general questions paper; then those with the required ID stuff, questionaire and all the online stuff completed already (with printouts in hand) left the room to sit with a group to be called in for a moderately short personal interview. The interviewer went line by line through the questionaire with me, kept the online printout stuff and gave me a few handouts. Probably took about an hour total.
    Do your online stuff first and if your experience is like some on this site it might only be 15 minutes.

  • Lilo

    Alright sounds good! thanks guys!!

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