Received state Disability for one month, Then I had to turn in supplementary certificate

October 31, 2017 · 1 comment

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After a month of benefits, my doctor screwed me over by stating I will return to work sep; 1st 2017; even though I told her I was still in pain and could not do my regular duty at work. So she released me I go back to work and my boss says he’s not taking me back cause he doesn’t want to risk me being re injured. So I’m screwed now cause who’s going to pay me? EDD sent me a supplementary Certificate sep 2nd 2017: i didn’t receive until Sep 25th 2017. And the doctor refused to see me again so I had to look for another doctor my attorney got me. But that took almost 1 month and a half I finally see a new doctor and it took him 2 weeks to fill out my 2525x certificate: I finally picked it up today and sent it express mail to Sacramento california. My worry is that once they receive my forms they will not pay me for September and ocotober. That’s two months of my benefits being delayed cause my doctor screwed me. I feel like the 20 days they give you to turn in certificate is unfair. Has anyone experienced this? And if so will they pay me the two months my benefits were delayed? I been outta work almost 4 months and I’ve only received benefits for one month. please help any advise is very well appreciated thank u

  • Nang Hul

    Call them to explain the situation or mail them a letter explaining the situation.

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