Reinstate EUC, I was wrongfully terminated but I WON my appeal but….

February 5, 2014 · 3 comments

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Because my last employer was upset about me winning my appeal, and in which he refused to correct events that didn’t occur to get me terminated but stated they occurred, fraudulently wording the report to keep me from working and keep me from getting unemployment compensation. I said to myself “I don’t think so”. I won my appeal but when I go to apply for a new job my last employer’s report haunts me and remember I did nothing wrong to be terminated and I have a Judge’s signature to back it up.

But unfortunately, it has been hard for me to get a job and I’ve had to rely on emergency unemployment compensation to this day until someone really sees that I am a hard worker which I am.

That’s why the EUC must be reinstated as fast as possible.

  • mike

    Geez just post one’s bro. How long were you with this employer for?

  • Mike

    The former employer cannot say anything about you except if you were not rehire able. Not a problem for most of us that have been let go. If you apply to a company that makes you sign a waver to get more info you may have a problem .But one company in a work history should not be a problem. volunteer at Salvation Army,
    hospitals, food kitchens, to show you are not that person and then you would have references that should easily get you back into the workforce.
    How can your last employers history haunt you? It is not true. How do they know about it. You need to go to a workforce center and have them help you with you
    resume. You need help, try and get some. Good luck.

  • johnniesissmart

    Dude, this is what you have to do, first have a friend call the company for a referance, if they give you a bad one, you will have to use a coworker, and MAKE sure you always give HR as a Referance, after every job I always have my friend call for a reference for me so I know what they are saying….if they say bad thinks, I will use a friend and just say he was my coworker, works like a charm. 🙂 fuck employers

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